i gave birth to myself slowly to an african rhythm

i gave birth to myself slowly to an african rhythm. i used to feel alone like the sun would never rise again and then i realized i am the sun and so are you. i’m going to write myself a love letter with everything i wish u’d say and look out at the stars and remember that time on 3rd street when u pushed me against the wall and gave me the kiss i had been waiting for my whole life. i remember running with u on the beach at night in the cold sand falling into eachother. falling in love. i realized today, the only time i feel alive is when i express myself outside of the box. this fire inside me is too sacred to be spoken. i have to dance or die slowly. i have to sing or i’m not breathing. i can no longer exist in superficial form but i have to complete what i came here to do on this plane and exhalt myself through creation and love.

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