3 Part Randomness: Brazilian waxes, dancing salsa, and interesting work…

*I just learned that there are men that get Brazilian waxes as well!!! Wow, u really do learn something new every day! And no I will not reveal my sources to this new found information (cough “Jered,” cough)… I hear Cookie at Umberto in Beverly Hills is really good too 😉

**After dancing salsa last night at Monsoon’s in Santa Monica I realized a few things… Salsa is a healer (it’s truly my therapy/my escape/my way of connecting-to my roots, to God, to who I am)… Salsa can be a ridiculous workout- I seriously got WORKED on the dance floor-beyond dirty dancing and dancing with stars- Miguel (I think that’s your name) you are a ridiculously talented salsero- thank you for schooling me! lol!… and last but not least I’m going to create a t-shirt that says “I’m just here to dance” because as sensual as salsa may be it’s just a form of expression not a means to hook up gentlemen!!! Respect the art!

***After looking for some extra work (teaching dance alone isn’t quite cutting it) I found some interesting part time job offers (gotta love LA) including “sales girl for a newly opening medical marijuana dispensary in Hollywood…” (which you need to submit a headshot along with your resume)… and a receptionist position for a gay porn office…

Those of you that know me- know how incredibly random I am so I thought I would share that part of myself with you today! Please share your comments of randomness in your worlds! I’d love to read them!

Peace and Blessings to you!!!

Jeredlicious-he brings the world so much joy 🙂


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5 thoughts on “3 Part Randomness: Brazilian waxes, dancing salsa, and interesting work…

  1. megan says:

    Okay, here’s some good Megan-type randomness: today i posted 3 elephant related wedding posts on Offbeatbride.com — I called it “Elephun Elephant Day.” And I’m super proud of it. 😉

  2. juanita says:

    The gay porn position seems very promissing! But the medicinal pharmacy is even better. Yummy!

  3. duchessinc says:

    Love it. I will totally buy you’re “I’m just here to dance” tee because that is my biggest annoyance with going out dancing. I’m there to dance my sweet ass off and hang with my girls, not get dry humped or rack up some awesome levi lovin!

    Here is my randomness, and let me tell you, as inappropriate as it may be, it was a much needed comic relief. There is an old, old man who is in the room next to Andy’s dad at the hospital and I swear to God he looks just like the old man with the walker from Family Guy. He can’t hear, he’s totally deaf, so he talks REALLY loud because he doesn’t know how loud he’s talking. Well we’re sitting bedside reading to Maury and we hear this super LOUD cough in the doorway. It’s the deaf neighbor, coming by to say hi. But when he coughed, and I swear to God this is true I couldn’t have made it up, his pants fell down to his ankles. And he yelled out super LOUD, “Oh my God my pants fell off.” It was like a skit. Random but hilarious.

  4. Austin says:

    Hmmm…let’s see, random.

    I posted this on a fantasy baseball forum yesterday: “Title: Why is MLB Extra Innings showing my games in spanish?…

    Yesterday these jokers had two broadcasts of the same game both in English and only one broadcast of another game in Spanish.

    Now I go to the Min TB game to scout pitching and they’re only showing it in Spanish.

    Was the $169 dollars I gave them at the beginning of the season not enough for them to show me all the games in a language I understand?

    So I figured instead of looking up the number and waiting on hold for 10 minutes just to give an earful to some poor telephone operator someone on here could possibly tell me what’s up.”

    …that’s all I got.

    P.S. Some dude said, “Maybe you paid in pesos.”

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