poem for papa

I cut myself until it bleeds

descending the drain drip memories

the midnight blue u made her face

gently, slowly they wash away

her tears transformed from dark to clear

from your neglect my deepest fears

I knew too much little ones shouldn’t know

unnatural chaos so why’d it hurt when you’d go

a myriad of infidelity

as u created her insanity, it affected me…

as I searched for love outside myself

sanctioned by my sexuality

thought the boys found my beauty you could never see

working the pole to get my college degree

as you wouldn’t contribute to my dreams with your wealth

then history repeated itself

as his words of fury manifested to rampage

imprisoned for 2 years put myself in a cage

though I battled with continuing my life

I chose to surrender instead of to fight

liberated myself, to find who I am

and now I soar beyond the sun

and now I feel how we’re all one

and even when past issues creep up

I know my strength and truth, and I will overcome

now I can get through anything

even inspire others to live their dreams

and papa there’s no animosity

I give u love and I set u free

pink bike with a flower basket

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6 thoughts on “poem for papa

  1. Oshana says:

    wow. I bet that felt good letting it all out! BTW…loving the pic! I had those same jellies!

  2. Julia Rauda says:

    I am so happy for you, this day will be different and very much the same. You are a strong lady!!!! YAY!

  3. megan says:

    “I give u love and I set u free”

    I’m proud of you.

  4. Jered says:

    Your compassion for one who brought you so much pain elevates you a point in spiritual evolution most of us never see. You have a gift. You share that gift, and for that we are all forever grateful to you. I love you, mi angelita.

  5. Carla Stoner says:

    No words just feelings. Although I was there to watch it unfold, I know that you have learned to love yourself, and that is a gift that not all of us obtain, sometimes we make decisions in life that are not good, but when we grow to love ourselves we find that we can easily make good decisions and rid ourselves of the negativeness that lies with in us and others in our lives. You are free, because no one can own your truth.

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