the frequency of gratitude

yesterday i tried an experiment with my dance class… before we started warming up i asked the kids to share with everyone something they were grateful for… they were surprised… i think some of them had not been asked this before…their answers were beautiful- they were grateful for their mom, their little brother or sister, their pet rabbit, their teachers… a little gordito was thankful for the pancakes he ate for breakfast…one boy was grateful for the sign language book his sister got for him so he can learn to sign… this exercise total changed the energy of the room and of our class…. they were happier, more focused, open and giving… 

i know that when i’m down i really attempt to remember all the blessings in my life- even if it’s just my breath… i start with the breath and then expand… and even when i’m not down it’s a lovely exercise to focus on all that we are grateful for (even if we only have  a moment-it stays with us)… there’s something uplifting energetically in the frequency of gratitude…

today, i am incredibly grateful for my beautiful mother who has such an angelic heart, my musical soul mate Dre (who is so focused on making our project unfold perfectly), my amazing friends Aneesah, Noelle, Jered, Carla, Oshana, and Mimi who have truly been there for me when i was a mess lately with their words, affection, time and advice…i’m grateful for my computer allowing me to connect with so many incredible people.  i’m grateful for the infinite possibilities of life… oh and the avocado wrap i just ate. que rico! and i’m grateful you are taking the time to read my blog… what are u grateful for? please share! sending u love love love….


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5 thoughts on “the frequency of gratitude

  1. megan says:

    Aaron and I actually took the time to do this this morning bc so much shit is going wrong. We came up with the top two things- each other and Jackson. When everything else sucks and we feel like total losers, at least we know we’ve succeeded in our relationship and in raising a dog together.

  2. Noelle says:

    So, I have been teaching a student that has terminal cancers. She was diagnosed at the age of 5. She was not given very long to live. She just had her 8th birthday party which I was able to attend. It was a beautiful pool party, where we danced to a song where the lyrics said “I love you” and every time we would point at each other, sing it, and end with a kiss.
    I have often meditated and prayed asking God why he let things like this happened. I remember what at shelter that I volunteered for, a nun said to me that she was praying why all these people (at the shelter) had to struggle in life and why was she given so much? She said that she had a dream she was in line in heaven for receive what life she was suppose to live. When it was her turn God said “this one is not strong enough, so this is will be her life.”
    My student inspires and teacher others like no one I have ever met. I know that God needed some one strong enough to live her life and someone that has a spirited to share and help people grow.
    So finally to get to my point: I am thankful that God found me important enough to be in her life.

  3. Devon says:

    Grateful for having creative means to communicate with. I know it will be my lifeline one day.

  4. thespiritualconsultant says:

    Thank you for the reminder and I’ve always said gratitude is the key to abundance. Be well and keep on dancing.

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