your ass can’t be on every stage at once!!!!

when visiting with my friend Mimi Vitale and her lovely mother Linda Jackson (both phenomenal singers and beautiful souls)… we got into the subject of female competitiveness and how we encounter this negative, unnecessary behavior quite often from other singers. fortunately, i am blessed that my girlfriend’s who are singers (Dannielle De Andrea, Aneesah Williams, Mimi Vitale) uplift, empower, and support each other- we have an incredible community… yet sadly, this is not common (believe it or not)… Mimi’s mom said the most right on thing the other night to the chicas who feel threatened by others doing their thing… ‘YOUR ASS CAN’T BE ON EVERY STAGE AT ONCE!!!” and there are enough stages to go around! we need to come from a place of knowing that there is enough room and LOVE for everyone!!! 

here’s something i wrote in my journal 2 years ago, after an interaction with a singer who was VERY not cool to me in many ways…

there’s always room… maybe we’ve been conditioned to feel this competitive energy with one another… maybe we’ve been programmed to believe the LIE that there is only enough room for so many successful, confident, beautiful, intelligent, and talented women… i especially feel this negative energy from those pursuing the arts for some reason..isn’t art is a reflection of one’s own life… so how can my reflection of my life dim your reflection of yours???? isn’t it time that we ELEVATE ourselves to the point where we let go of those false beliefs and come to the realization that we all have our own uniqueness to bring and share with the world?! when i encourage you, when i compliment you, when i inspire you- i am genuine… i will not believe the lie… because i know that by elevating the lives of others your life reaches its highest dimensions…


make art not war

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3 thoughts on “your ass can’t be on every stage at once!!!!

  1. Devon says:

    Completely agree.

  2. Josie Brown says:

    Well put! Same in the publishing industry. Writers get little pangs of jealousy at even their best gal pals’ contracts…but well wishes bring better karma. I’m just sayin’…

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