dear diary

today was amazing! i’m exhausted in a GOOD way… yesterday wasn’t so good and i was determined to turn it around… it’s incredible how energetically we have the power to transform our world and transcend the things that ultimately don’t really matter…and today i feel very blessed! we went to hear some of the mixes today from the album (the 3 songs that Dre’s not mixing) and they sound so good. Richard Furch mixed them (he’s also mixed for Chaka Khan, Prince, Christina Aguilera, Common, Outkast, MeShell Ndegeocello, Usher, Marcus Miller, Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, etc. etc.) he’s brilliant and has given Dre lots to learn from. there is such an art to mixing… i don’t think the masses really understand how important it is… it’s like editing film or adding the right amount of seasoning in cooking but even more intricate… cutting frequencies and other craziness!! 

later in the day, i got some wonderful work opportunities- (teaching dance alone hasn’t been enough to fund the dream)… working at the amazing Liberation Yoga!!!, helping a lovely lady get herself organized (yes there are Pisces that can be organized) while setting my own hours, a possible restaurant job at an Argentinean restaurant, teaching voice lessons to kids, and maybe promotional modeling for a liquor brand (yeah sexy!)… lol! so i may have 5 part time jobs while making this album take off! i’m SOOOO beyond determined to share my voice with the world- to uplift/inspire/heal through music in a grand way!!!! infinite possibilities!!!! to add to this excitement, my love has given me the most beautiful loving energy today (even more than usual)!!! i’m wishing you so much love, abundance, happiness, and manifestations!!!! trust in the universe! good things are coming to you! boa noite! and happy birthday jered! love you baby!


2 thoughts on “dear diary

  1. Tiffany says:

    Oh love, I am so happy for you! So glad to see that everything is on the up and up for you! Always in my prayers!

    Lots of love!


  2. megan says:

    that all sounds amazing!!! I’m so proud of you baby girl.

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