fearless manifestation!!!!

i am enamored with the concept of manifestation. making our dreams a reality. after listening to a program on oprah and friends on xm radio, i really became fascinated with the power of collective intention and had the idea to start a manifestation group… my friend jill had the same idea the same day- talk about alignment or coincidence (aren’t coincidences God’s way of staying anonymous???)… we started the group with 2 of our soul sisters shar and aneesah. what’s incredible about these ladies is that they are all extremely intelligent, spiritual, loving, uniquely and divinely talented. we had to find our rhythm as a group… we first met every other week, then every 3 weeks, sometimes we could only make the time for once a month… but we would make the time… we learned to be communicative, open, sharing, and committed to helping each other manifest in all areas of our lives… career, relationships, spirit, and abundance… a typical meeting consists of  updating each other on what’s going on in our lives, sharing our goals and main focus, and then giving each other support or ideas to achieve our intentions… we would also share what we would do to take action to reach our goals before the next meeting… and we hold each other accountable… not in a judgemental way… but a loving encouraging way… and sometimes if you can’t muster the energy to do it for yourself you can get motivated to do it for others…some weeks we’d come in thinking we had done absolutely nothing then after talking with each other found the value in the action we did take…  it is divine connecting with other women in such a deep way… and beyond just the concept of sharing ideas and supporting each other… there is something energetically powerful that happens when you put people together in this way… it’s uplifting in a way that is beyond comprehension… 

i encourage you to start your own manifestation group or womanifestation group! make it up as you go along…find what works for you… maybe it’s more career focused or spirit focused or maybe it’s all of the above… maybe you have a yearly retreat with the girls… meet in different places (homes, restaurants, the beach, events, etc.), maybe read a book collectively and  get deep with it…sign up for a seminar together.. see what feels right for you…. i really love helping others reach for their dreams… i really believe in infinite possibilities and that we are LIMITLESS… sometimes we just get in our own way… i really believe that miracles can happen everyday… 

i had my spiritual guru dr. wolf share with our group about manifestation… here’s some of the notes from the meeting…

-USE WHAT YOU LOVE TO ACHIEVE A HIGH VIBRATION/FREQUENCY IN ORDER TO MANIFEST!!!! I love this! So when you are dancing, acting, writing, singing, playing, making love, enjoying your shower, whatever it is that brings you joy…etc. also focus some energy/thoughts/good feelings on what it is you want to manifest!!!! Makes so much sense! Every moment (while doing what you love) you can add more purpose and meaning towards other things you want to manifest in your life. 

CREATION and REST CYCLES-remember that you are always fluctuating in periods of creation and periods of rest so honor these cycles. Take the time to appreciate what you have created. The rest is necessary for the creation…. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Also, remember you are timeless! So you have no limitations except the ones you put on yourself.

-BEING TRUE TO YOUR EMOTIONS-embrace when you are feeling down. Being true to your emotions helps you through anything you may be struggling with. 

-“Measure 10x (preparation phase) and cut once” – so when you’re ready to manifest then you’re fully prepared. Don’t rush it.

-We are energy 1st, so form is patterned by the energy (word/actions must all have purpose)… be aware of your words/thoughts/actions.

-TRUST- not just believe-TRUST in the unknowing, TRUST your decision to come here (to this planet, to this state, to this city), TRUST your power, TRUST your ability to manifest!!!!!!!!! When we lose our trust we lose our connection to all that is… 

-ONLY THOSE TRUE TO THEIR SELVES AND PURPOSE CAN MANIFEST SOMETHING THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!! (and don’t we all want to change the world for the better!!)

i wish you FEARLESS MANIFESTATION of everything your heart desires.

my LAFS ladies…i love and believe in you so much!

Jill Brown- Life Coach focused on helping women achieve balance and purpose. An INSPIRATIONAL FORCE!!!!! http://www.theduchessguide.com

Jill Brown "the Duchess"




















Sharmila Rose- inspirational, breath takingly beautiful, conscious, makes you feel deep actress extraordinaire! A TRUE talent with a message. Website and reel coming soon!!!!

Sharmila Rose



















Aneesah Williams- Co-founder of LionessLA a marketing and production firm with an emphasis on exclusive nightlife experiences and special events. LionessLA innovates the forefront of global nightlife & social philanthropy….Aneesah is also a phenomenal singer-songwriter… Check her out! 

http://www.lionessla.com/ AND http://www.imeem.com/aneesahw (for the beautiful vocal stylings)

Aneesah Williams

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3 thoughts on “fearless manifestation!!!!

  1. Aneesah says:

    I really love our LAFS group and it’s so wonderful that you’re spreading this energy by documenting it on your blog.

    There is one line that states exactly why I personally love the woman you are.. “i really love helping others reach for their dreams.” Girl, this is what makes you divine and it’s absolutely true! Not only are you an inspiration to your friends and family, as we watch you limitlessly achieve your goals… you’re also selfless because you truly believe in the dreams of others as though they were your own. You’ve encouraged and supported me effortlessly and I love you for that!

    on behalf of LAFS and from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU…for being a role-model, a sister, and an angel!

    See you on the 24th!

  2. duchessinc says:

    Holy Shit girl – this is awesome. I’ve never seen my head be so HUGE before! Eek. Time for some pro headshots I believe – hee hee! Love you so much, what an inspirational bit on manifesting. I love our group and I’m with you: I recommend getting a group of manifesting maven’s together asap. Support and strength in numbers. Love you! Oh, and guess what? Josie’s in D.C. this week! I’m so excited -my first east coast visit from a west coaster. I love her!! So excited!! Thank you again for introducing me to the mentor extraoridinaire! Love, love, love you!

  3. duchessinc says:

    Oh – and P.S. there is a 4th photo missing, I believe there is a one, Andree Belle, in the group? Where’s the pic lady?!

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