Be yourself and liberate the world

i received the message… no more holding back world… i’m going full force… i thought that i was already was in full effect… but alas the signs are telling me otherwise… that i’m STILL holding back from being the fullest expression of myself….of course we are always evolving… but i mean being BOLD musically .. today i had a voice lesson with dannielle gaha that made me elated… she is an absolute musical goddess. flawless. soulful. filled with love. and this vocal angel told me that i have so much voice i’m not using… and though i’ve felt this way before.. hearing this from a woman i admire so much struck a chord with me… i have so much to give! and i need to give it! fully. completely. 

today when talking with one of the guys from the band, bryan, i started sharing with him a story of the 1st time i wrote a song and played it for my dad ….my friend cyrous who i met in govenor’s school played guitar and we started writing this song together…after i was finished singing my first song to my dad, i asked my father what he thought and he said “what do you want me to say dree, i’ve heard 1000s of songs”…  not that my father had to say “you are such an incredible singer. i love your song” but maybe he could’ve said… “that’s a great start to writing songs.”…it was just that his tone was so condescending, demeaning even…. it scarred me in such a way that i didn’t complete another song for 9 years (until i met dre)… i got so emotional sharing this story, tears began to fall down my face and i realized it’s STILL effecting me… my father’s words… bryan tried to reassure me, saying because of what i’ve been through with my dad that i’m at a whole other level where people just can’t even fuck with me, that i’m strong now…and i am strong.. but i thought today.. wow- i really let that hold me back…. i’ve known this already but revisiting this memory and finding such emotion… made me realize i still am holding myself back… that i have room to grow in the fullest expression of my creativity… that i don’t have to withhold all this creativity for fear of not being good enough…and maybe this withholding is why sometimes i feel like i’m going to burst if i don’t sing or i feel like i can’t breathe if i can’t create…

the universe is telling me through those around me that i am more powerful than i thought and i need to be BOLD…bold in who i am…bold in my music and in my voice… so i’m vowing to fully “break the funk out this box” i put myself in… and be completely BOLD in my self-expression.. 

“Pebble to a Pearl” by Nikka Costa

Baby girl too shy to shine
Let everybody else take the light
Didn’t want to burn too bright
So she kept it all inside

Little girl go beat your drum
Go and see what all you can become
Playin’ small don’t serve no one
Face your fears and you will overcome

‘Cause the tears that we been cryin’
Been workin’ overtime

It’s about time that we got our joyful
That we got our joyful on

Don’t be afraid to live out loud
Never squash who you are be proud
You’re a universal sound
Whatcha gotta say, say it loud

Baby don’t ya act demure
So nobody else feels insecure
Be yourself and liberate the world
Don’t ya be a pebble be a pearl

lil girl and tuba

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5 thoughts on “Be yourself and liberate the world

  1. duchessinc says:

    Hello my beautiful one.

    I love and appreciate how open and honest you are about both your triumphs and your inner struggles. So real and so many of us can relate. I know I have had to really work through some energy with my own father who, as you know, is in no way a part of my life anymore. It can be heartbreaking how the actions of our parents, especially in our youth, can set up patterns, blocks or feeeling of lack is us. I know my own father was not there in the moments I’ve needed him most and I have seemed to attract that from other men in my grown up relationships. . . hmmm. . .

    BUT, the purpose of this comment is this . . . I was listening to an interview with Michael Beckwith and he was saying that medically, when there is a toxin in the body, the body will form a cyst as a protective layer around the toxin to keep it from spreading. When we see a cyst or have a cyst, we think of it as a bad thing, when really, it’s our bodies natural way of protecting itself until the body is able to fight off the toxin. Much like the cyst, we can form protective or defense mechanisms to keep ourselves safe from energetic or emotional harm. The key is to give thanks for those protective mechanisms and for the ways those experiences have made us stronger, and then to let go of them.

    He said it a lot more eloquently then that, but I liked the idea that we can give thanks for the ways we’ve protected ourselves, and at the same time we can let go of that which no longer serves us. Maybe for a time it was important for you to develop that strength and “thick skin.” I mean your industry is tough but I think now you are so in alignment with your purpose that you don’t hesitate to stand up for yourself, to create your music in a way that’s authentic to you and to have integrity. So you can give thanks for the ways your stronger. But at the same time, you can let go of that and use ALL your voice now like you said above! You are free now to release that holding back and really feel the full expression of you!

    I think you do this and know this anyway, but I thought I’d share that because it’s something important in my own life right now. Also, one last thing Beckwith said was that a big part of most of our spiritual journey is releasing or letting go of the blocks that stand between us and our purpose. I see this in you releasing the full potential of your voice and your music in the world.

    Loving your light, your experiences and you so very much!!

  2. duchessinc says:

    Okay – that was really f-in long. SORRY 🙂

  3. megan says:

    wow. that was fucked up of him. I’m sorry. you did really well in surrounding yourself with very supportive people now though! good on ya mate.

  4. andreebelle says:

    “what do you want me to say dree, i’ve heard 1000s of songs”…

    a dear friend, who knows my dad sent me an email saying this…


    In my humble opinion, translation:

    “I’m too wounded to be happy for you – doing something that is my passion as well…..”

    You go girl……

    I love you, Andre’e—see you Friday

  5. arlehin says:

    I love your words Dree… they resonate deeply within me as well… you are such a beautiful force. I’m so happy I met you. 🙂

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