not settling! believing in the limitlessness of you…

promotional modeling = slavery… after 12.5 hours of modeling for “undisclosed” brand yesterday, dealing with drunkards at 6 different clubs/bars… i realized i NEVER want to do promo modeling again…i don’t know what makes (some) men in bars think that they have the right to touch me just because i’m giving them alcohol or because i have semi-sexy required attire on… the girl i worked with (who seemed to enjoy this ridiculous attention) had some borracho drop a bottle by her and a huge chunk  of the glass was lodged into her foot… he was unapologetic and continued to act like an ass- one of many… we encountered plastic dudes who ask us to go with them to their lake house the following weekend…  one man tried to kiss me after 2 seconds of meeting me… another tried to stuff a shrimp from his plate into my mouth… yes i’m not kidding!… not all guys were bad- some were um…nice? though their intentions were clear… “you’re boyfriend is a lucky man and if you two ever break up please please come find me!!!”  people treated us as if we were uneducated and easy… it really felt reminiscent of my dancer days… yet then i was getting paid in an hour what i made working over 12 hours yesterday… no more unhealthy environments… also, i noticed girls pulling out huge makeup bags at the venues (the ones with all the different sized brushes) and i was thinking who needs all this makeup when you’re at the beach?… (another  one of my missions-helping women instill confidence in themselves beyond their beauty)… this day was crazy-we walked in heels for over 12 hours… barely taking a moment to eat…and watch out when i don’t eat! i can get mean! 🙂  i made the best of the situation. i smiled and stayed positive for the most part. it was even hilarious in some ways… but by the last round of drinks, i did ask my manager if she knew what time it was (11:25 pm- do we really have time for another round!?!?!?)… i couldn’t hide my distaste any longer… because i know that i deserve better. the lesson people- don’t settle!!! DON’T SETTLE- for anything!!! if you are unhappy in your job- make a change- get a new job- go to school so u can get a new job- live your dream- pursue your dream- and if you are pursuing your dream and u need to make some dough- you don’t have to settle for unhealthy environments. create your own reality! same thing with relationships- i think back on how many times i settled for a man that didn’t treat me right, that was abusive, or that i needed more from intellectually, spiritually, sexually, emotionally… i’m not saying leave when things aren’t perfect. you have to try to make things the best they can be, you have to attempt to grow/compromise/understand/love.. and jobs/relationships go in cycles but if you’ve done all you can do and you feel like you’re settling because nothing better will come along- you’re not believing in the limitlessness of YOU. it’s not worth it. i’m happy i’ve learned this lesson now in my life while i’m so young. it’s liberating… because so many of us are caught up in this illusion of limited thinking that we can only have a certain situation in our lives… you can do anything! you can find the love of your life. you can quit your job and go volunteer in Africa. or whatever it is you wish/desire/need to do…there will be sacrifices- but happiness will come for living your intended life of purpose and from not settling! i just had to vent and share… it was the longest day of my life but a beautiful reinforcement of not settling for less than i deserve.   


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4 thoughts on “not settling! believing in the limitlessness of you…

  1. megan says:

    one of my favorite blogs so far! sorry you got disrespected, but glad it helped you discover.
    Also the picture of course is beautiful. man i love sharks. 🙂

  2. Julia says:

    I love it!!!! Keep it coming 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love it!!!

  4. Dannielle says:

    Wow! Great Blog and oh sooooo true!
    Glad you realize now more than ever that you ARE WONDERWOMAN!
    Love you girlfriend
    x danni x

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