2 years time…a music guru… and taking risks to live our dream

it seems like a lifetime ago… that i was hustling in the corporate realm of music making power point presentations and one sheets, going to meetings, fielding calls, getting chai lattes for my boss (grande, no water, extra chai), and getting in trouble for dancing in the hallways with my gay husband jered or laughing on the PA system with my PNC sharmila rose or for taking 2 hour lunches (yes good thing i have lots of personality to make up for my lack of professionalism) 🙂 August 9, 2005 was my first day working at the largest and oldest booking agency in the world: William Morris Agency…and after a two year detour (see previous blog- https://andreebelle.wordpress.com/2009/06/07/detours-to-our-dreams/) i ended up leaving to whole heartedly pursue music in August of 2007… and last week two years since i left WMA (August 2009), i had a meeting with an amazing agent at WMA (now WME2 since the merger with Endeavor)… i wonder where i will be in another two years??? i’m not understanding the synchronicity of it yet… but it’s interesting… it felt so so so BEAUTIFUL to come into WM as an artist pursuing my dream versus as an assistant… i thought back on when i was working there and how while i was there (though i was learning) i wanted to be creating and singing and it was super satisfying to think of how far i’d come!!! (though i know i still have so far to go)… brian edleman (a very bright and down to earth agent at WM) was kind enough to give me over an hour of his day. he gave me ideas, support, encouragement… took the time to listen to some songs (and dug the album! said it was a bit sade vibe and maxwell vibe!!!) and said he would help me however he could! having someone so cool and authentic and successful in what he does make the time to truly be not only a music guru but a friend is such a blessing! it made my week! i’m so grateful that i’ve put myself out there and taken the risks i’ve taken in my life. because i know that only by taking risks to live our dream can we achieve greatness!

taking risks

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2 thoughts on “2 years time…a music guru… and taking risks to live our dream

  1. Carla Stoner says:

    It’s amazing what time has to offer and yet how fast it carries us through this life! So glad that time has given you the ability to shine no matter your struggles and or tribulations! Making the most of our time on this planet is what counts! You have made it count!!!

  2. Oshana says:

    I am so proud of you for taking that big step. I know it was scary and took lots of courage. You have an awesome story to tell to young girls!

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