self-realization and impure thoughts

my notes from the service i attended last night at encinita’s self-realization center: 

*we tend to segregate our spiritual life from the other facets of our life- almost as if there are categories that we create in our minds (spiritual section, relationship section, health section, job section etc.)… the monk at the realization center was sharing that these are all one… and to have satisfaction in the many facets in our life we must immerse our spiritual life into each… therefore your relationships or your job won’t be as fulfilling without having spirit intertwined… and with this connection of them all being one we find balance in our lives…

*in the times when we feel no love in our hearts… the times when we are most disconnected from (God, the universe, the source, the world, nature, yourself -whatever it is you believe in) are the times when trusting in (God, the universe, etc.) is most important…and when you come through whatever it is you’re going through and have trusted that is when deep spiritual growth and transformation occurs….

*the people that we find difficult to be around for whatever reason are in our lives for a reason (to teach us something)

*again thinking of your spiritual life much like you would other areas of your life in that progression is a step by step process… sometimes i want to take leaps in my life… and then i get frustrated… it was good to be reminded to take steps and enjoy the journey…

*offer the gifts not of what you have but what you are 🙂

*now if i can just rid myself of these impure thoughts i’m having during meditation….



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One thought on “self-realization and impure thoughts

  1. Carla Stoner says:

    Loved this read! This is so true. Thanks for sharing!

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