what’s in a name?

what is in a name?! i mean they are given to us before we are truly formed in who we are… andree means “womanly” now i’ve always been feminine but wasn’t always “womanly.” and what if i was a tom boy? maybe i’m not a tom boy because of the meaning of my name?… what is in a name? i do have to admit it is important to me that my future husband has a last name that goes nicely with mine 😉 … but in LA it seems the value of a name is EVERYTHING… like having a household “name” means that you are important… you are worthy of certain things in life…i disagree… and in regards to the artists struggle… it can sometimes be um.. frustrating to consider that we have to “make a name” for ourselves… i mean i get it… but it just seems unnecessary when it comes to art and what art is truly about… but that’s what happens when u mix the commerce with the art… you become a brand… like Mc Donalds or Jessica Simpson…yesterday i went to Freakbeat Records (a record store in the valley) to try to get the album in their store- do some sort of consignment deal… the man working told me that they don’t do consignment anymore -that they’re not willing to stock albums that they’re not sure will sell… i told him i’ve been selling at shows and cd baby and am getting some radio play… which sparked his interest a bit… then he asked, “what’s your name?” and i told him and he replied “i’ve never heard of you…” in a condescending tone… it was kind of funny for some reason…the ridiculousness of it all.. i ended up leaving the cd with him to give to the manager… my  girlfriend who is a make u feel deep, move you to tears/laughter/inspiration actress was dealing with the same thing – she was told by a director/writter “well if we don’t get a name for the part (in the film) then we’ll let you audition.” another girlfriend attempting to get sponsors for her incredible/one of a kind/conscious/amazingly fun/diverse/sexy events is dealing with the same damn thing… and then i think what is in a name!? i’m tired of names.. i’m tired of people name dropping… what about knowing what someone is truly about beyond their name? what about opening up yourself to someone’s music, immense acting talent, or one of kind unique event despite a person not having the name?… i understand that people have to pay their dues.. but at a certain point someone needs someone to take a chance on them “an unknown.” and maybe if people took chances on people that aren’t house hold names we could have more variety in our lives and get beyond what’s familiar…. open ourselves to new worlds and experiences…what about exploring what someone is truly about and capable of… and exposing that to others…start an open minded creative revolution! or maybe i’ll just create a symbol for myself like prince did and forget about dealing with the whole name issue all together 🙂 but even he came to succumb to the power of his own name…i guess i just have to keep the faith that “andree belle” will align with those not afraid to take chances and give me the opportunity to inspire the masses as i was meant to do… 🙂 love to you whatever your name is!

prince simpsons

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2 thoughts on “what’s in a name?

  1. megan says:

    So yeah… I think about this all the time. Especially since I got married. Changing your name is a HUGE thing. Some people don’t do it because they think it’s “who they are.” But I think, I changed my name and now I feel it’s more “me” than my birth name! It’s weird. I feel like I can succeed more as Megan Finley than Megan Tharpe. I feel like there’s more positive energy behind it or something I don’t know.

    But it’s weird that technically “megan finley” is a new born! she/i have only existed for less than a year! In a sense I have to re-define who I am to everyone that I’ve even known for years. i need to remind people that my last name is now finley, I need to remind people that haven’t seen me in years that I’m actually “megan tharpe” and then they remember me. It’s so weird to think about names and what they mean or what they don’t mean. It’s everything and then it’s completely unimportant as well. so weird.

    um, and ps. “future husband” !? that made me smile.

  2. Trapped says:

    Pardon the intrusion, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy following your journey. I love your music and I dig the vibe.

    Thank you

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