heart of hearts

heart of hearts

i’ve seen love in shades u can imagine

illuminating in the dark…

i’ve heard love in yells of rampage

the slender line encompassing passion and insanity…

i’ve tasted love within the nourishment of the exotic divine…

i’ve felt overwhelmed with love 

every atom electricity

consumed by who you are…

i can’t speak of the unknown 

or how deep this goes

it’s only given breath when u take my hand 

in parallel universes

art by Julia Rauda

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2 thoughts on “heart of hearts

  1. Trapped says:

    Beautiful poem. Poetry has a way with me as no other literary form. Thank you

  2. The Duchess says:

    Did you write this? How beautiful. I esp like the part about electricity.

    I’m so glad you share these personal and beautiful musings with the world.

    We need your voice and contribution beautiful one.

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