love vs. self preservation (finding balance in our life)

a girlfriend of mine shared a story with me today about animal instinct in relation to human’s dealing with love and self preservation… a squirrel when being pursued by a predator can not think of/focus on/be concerned with sex… and while a squirrel is having sex it is completely unaware of predators… thus the struggle between love (** see note below) and self-preservation… humans have to find this balance between the two which can be a daunting task…. i’ve been dealing with this myself lately in a different sort of way…. i love that people call on me when they need words of inspiration, motivation, encouragement, guidance, love, support… but lately, especially lately, i’ve felt i need their guidance, love, words of encouragement, support… so for me lately it has been about taking time out for myself… i can’t give when i have nothing to give. i have to recharge, get re-inspired, motivated, excited, and feeling spiritually full so i can extend and give myself the way i desire to and be a bright beam of sunshine for others… i’m always the friend that reaches out, that calls first, that suggests making plans, that checks in… i’m always the girlfriend that will do anything and everything for her man… i’m always the family member that calls or emails to keep the connection going… but i can’t always be that person… sometimes in life we have to receive in order to create balance, in order to give (energy, time, love, whatever…) and that’s where i’m at… i’m in a mode right now of receiving… it might last a day, a week, a month.. but i know i need to be rejuvinated… and by me making this conscious decision… i’m self-preserving but only in order to give more love 🙂 … it’s good to think about… in different facets of our life… where we give too much or too little… maybe we have people in our life that aren’t good for us and we need to create space (or rid them from our lives all together) in order to self-preserve or self-love… i’m learning to find the balance in my life… i want to give everything to those i love… but i’m finding that i have to give myself love first. cliche but true.

**note: obviously sex and love can be two different things…i just find it an interesting analogy…

finding balance 🙂


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One thought on “love vs. self preservation (finding balance in our life)

  1. duchessinc says:

    Absolutely true my love. Sometimes we need to put up those boundaries so we can fill our own vessel first, otherwise we have nothing to give! We’re drained. Just remember that by pausing to care for yourself, you are creating the space for your loved ones, friends, etc to fill in reaching for you. You are really allowing others to experience the gift of giving and reaching out when you recieve from them. I know you know that, hell you taught me all the good stuff I know!! I love you! Always here if you need me and so grateful for your beautiful, magnificent, inspiring friendship!! So much love to you!!

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