what you speak is seeking you

from What You Speak is Seeking You… excerpt on manifestation…

What you feel, you manifest. If you want joy, be joyful. If you want love, be loving. If you want abundance, give abundantly, receive gratefully and recognize the abundance you already have.

Recognize there is plenty for everyone. Bless others’ success, knowing it is your success. Be inspired by what others have created, knowing you have the absolute power to create your own success and abundance too.

If you have been masterful at manifesting what you don’t want…shift your attention… and become masterful at manifesting what you DO want.

Don’t settle… it’s like saying you don’t trust the abundance of the universe.

Amazing how we cling to the known, to what is familiar. We may be bored, we may hate it, but we stay and wonder why our entire lives and everything we attract seems to get smaller and smaller, less and less. The solution is simple. Jump. Jump into the gorgeous unknown. The unknown is where the magic of our destiny lies.

Complete and let go of the past. Where do you have unfinished business? When we complete the past we free up powerful creative energy that can go to work on our behalf to manifest our dreams.

When we surrender we trust that all is working out for our highest good. When we surrender, we say; ‘Give me an experience of the unknown…. give me something beautiful… that I could never have known. We keep ourselves in tight little boxes of sameness, the very little boxes we are actually trying to break out of!!!!!!

Get out of the ‘how’ – how is it going to work. how am am i going to get money, how could it happen for me, how how how… and place your attention on having what you love-speak it, feel it, think it, give it, take action, and see yourself having it with ease, grace and abundance. Let the universe and God work out the ‘how’ in brilliant, perfect ways. 🙂

Think of something that flows to you naturally. something that you are good at attracting. you don’t think twice about attracting it into your life because you know you do it easily, right? apply that approach to everything in your life and receive it all with ease.

Steps to manifesting!

1. Give voice to your dreams. Set your intentions.

2. Write down your goals. Affirm in advance that you already have them. Yes!

3. Thank the universe, in advance, for what you are manifesting.

4. Expect to be delighted! Be in the feeling of what you want to receive. (By being in the feeling you’re aligning energetically with what you desire to manifest).

5. Speak your goals with excitement and joy as if they are already in motion. Keep them fresh in your consciousness daily.

6. Take action on your dreams. Step out of your comfort zone.

7. Trust. Trust is the bridge between your asking and its manifestation.

8. Surrender and let go. Release what is no longer right for you.

9. Say yes! yes! yes! to your dreams and to who you are!

We are becoming masters of manifestation; Olympians of thought, word, and action. That means, in the face of circumstances that are less than ideal, we remain unmoved. We notice and accept them, but we do not dwell on them. We choose, instead to affirm our abundance. We give energy, appreciation and gratitude to the abundance and love we already have and to the opulent life unfolding.

love to you and your beautiful manifestations!!!!!!




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