currents of love, brazilian pineapple, sex, and hula hooping

just finished my 5+ hour manifestation meeting!!!! LAAFS!!!! incredible night! we got deep with our missions! i feel like changing the world Oprah style! today was POWERFUL! the manifestation blog from yesterday i originally sent out as an email to friends and had so many super positive responses… the message hit a core with people… inspired them to do things they would normally not do… think of things in new ways… reconnect with their spiritual essence. what’s even more amazing is that several people moved by the message passed it on to their loved ones who in turn responded with enthusiasm, inspiration, and love!!!! and it hit me that by me making the choice to put this positivity out into the world i was a catalyst of love… and by those who were inspired choosing to pass on the knowledge and inspiration they are catalysts and so on and so on and we all can be a part of this current of love… receiving and giving and receiving and giving! it’s fucking beautiful!!!!! made my day!……then as i was eating some brazilian pineapple that the rock band (that’s recording in Dre’s studio) left over here, i was missing my brazilian man… and he called me and we had a conversation that rocked my world… he was dropping spiritual knowledge/understanding/compassion on me gandhi style, opening up in ways that shocked me… a layer was peeled.. and it showed me the infinite possibilities and perspectives in love relationships… and i wonder what brought this energetic shift and powerful realization, what was making him hold me in this higher reverence? i guess sometimes people have to be away from you to truly appreciate you and understand you in profound ways…i mean how many people truly understand us?  or was he feeling my experiences and thoughts and feelings here and somehow tapped into that energetically? fascinating! i couldn’t get off the phone with him (though i was running late in cooking dinner and my beans did suffer- they have to sit for at least an hour for ultimate sabor)…i’m excited to keep growing and learning in love! i feel like i’m meant to teach others of love though i may not get to everyone in this lifetime. and speaking of love… though we did speak of our INCREDIBLE accomplishments of our group and our focus for 2010…we got on the subject of sex…. as should be expected with these sexy goddesses!  i love how candid some of the group is… i mean nothing is off-limits and i adore it… the questions came up – if a man is more endowed is he typically less talented or motivated with going down on a woman? (cause he feels he doesn’t have to work to please a woman)… and does size really matter?… also, isn’t a man who is uncircumcised more sensitive in feeling? … the answers were great! i wish we had video taped this conversation… real sex would’ve blushed… what a bizarre magnificent day… full of currents of love, break throughs, good food, deep conversation… i love life! we all have had those moments in life where we feel like hell but we truly create our lives… i’m living proof of that… i’ve developed consciously the beauty that is my life. now i must rest. i have a hula hooping video audition tomorrow! so random! i love life! wishing you the ultimate creation of beauty in your life!!!!

(untouched) photo by megan finley, styled by michele chantel, makeup/hair by tawney bevacqua, art by julia rauda

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One thought on “currents of love, brazilian pineapple, sex, and hula hooping

  1. Natalie says:

    Yes, girl! So often my response to your poetic stream of consciousness: Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Loving you being you, being in love, being a Goddess of Light!!
    You and Dre are great reflections to have as individual inspirations, as well as self-expressed lovers – elevating eachother through your magic. Hmm! Love it.

    Thank you for being a catalyst in the love movement!

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