why we do what we do…

in those times of uncertainty in our lives concerning our dreams i think the best way to stay focused and motivated is to remember why we do what we do… why do i want to sing? yes i love the way a note resonates within me- it feels beautiful. and the communion with the band makes me high…but why i sing is because i love to connect deeply with others through my singing… i love to inspire and elevate people through music. MAKE THEM FEEL… or think…or motivate them to live their own dream… it’s an honor to give that way, to commune and share that intimacy with others… and when i can tear down my own walls and truly get to the root of that connection with others something profoundly spiritual occurs… we all have something that is a gift to connect divinely with ourselves and others… something that is beyond passion. where you have to do it or you feel like you can’t breathe… that is our mission… what holds us back from completing our mission on this plane we call earth? f.e.a.r. (false evidence appearing real) of what? failure? success? can we dare to switch our way of thinking? our failures can be transmuted into lessons learned. because the lessons are also part of this mission. our purpose… sometimes there’s the fear of not being good enough (i know this is a confidence thing that a lot of people struggle with, but the desire is there for a reason, you have to explore that desire or you will live your life feeling unfulfilled)… sometimes people think it’s too late (there’s always a way to express yourself, let’s say you wanted to be a dancer and you are getting a late start, you could still study/learn/grow in your dancing and choreograph or teach or perform and create and connect with the divine through dance in a way that would fulfill your spirit)… sometimes people are too focused on the competition.. a wise woman once told me “there’s no competition for your TRUE life’s purpose, so there’s no need to worry, hurry, or feel that you have to force things to happen.” sometimes people get so caught up in the logistics…and yes you must take action and yes you must think outside of the box and yes you must feel and know your own uniqueness in your mission… but behind the logistics is the passion, the motivation and behind the passion and motivation is the LOVE… know that love! live within that love and do what you’re meant to do! 🙂

affirmation of the day: “i have ultimate confidence in myself and my deeper purpose.”

this makes me smile! lol!

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One thought on “why we do what we do…

  1. gaaaaabbi says:

    i enjoyed reading this, thank you.

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