2009 like wine u got better with time…

when i think of how this year developed i am amazed! it was a year of spiritual rebirth, of bringing creation into the world. a year of such growth…. i started the year living with my boyfriend in his mother’s garage in van nuys.  i remember waking up to the mechanics next door working on cars loudly, the fumes permeating the room, we would huddle together freezing (even with the floor heater and blankets)…the engines and drills would begin around 7 am and we had just gone to bed 3 hours prior from working on the album- which at the time felt would NEVER get finished.  i remember the borracho neighbor (who started drinking in the morning) and would put this horrible song on repeat as loud as his stereo could go… one day i got out of bed and walked into his garage (he wasn’t there yet he had left the song on) and turned it down myself.  i just didn’t give a fuck anymore! i felt stuck, stagnant in my environment. eeeiiii dios! i could go on… but how the year transitioned!!!!! how i transcended!  the affirmations, the prayer, my manifestation group, the love energy i gave brought about so many beautiful manifestations!  my debut album was released in july – M. U. S. I. C. (Magnificent Unique Sexy Intelligent Creativity) dre and i put together a phenomenal band, seriously ridiculously gifted musicians who are family. i am beyond grateful for them! we’ve had incredible shows that keep growing in connection, musicianship, inventiveness, passion and energy! we moved to an absolutely beautiful home of our own that i can’t help but feel continuous intense gratitude for. i love love love it! i feel like i’ve developed and spiritually deeped my friendships and relationships with my family. i’m understanding them and myself in new ways.  i feel so blessed to be connecting to such amazing souls through my blog.  this year was filled with so many challenges and blessings! it was my coming out year musically. and i cannot undo what i’ve done. i cannot go back to life without creation, artistic growth, and self-expression. i had been waiting for this my whole life!!! and it’s happening! and it’s happening for a reason as i know i’m meant to give love and inspiration through music. it always amazes me how everything can change so quickly. how we can be in such a dark place and then soon find the light.


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3 thoughts on “2009 like wine u got better with time…

  1. kid♥ says:

    “i cannot go back to life without creation, artistic growth, and self-expression” – and amen to that! love and passion are the force that cause massive shifts in our universe. let your passion lead you – magic, synchronicity, and divine orchestrations will light your way!

    love love love

  2. Natalia says:

    …and it only gets more magnificent from here. 😉 Bold beautiful radiant everflowing loving powerful Goddess being! The magic in us in only waiting to be acknowledged and brought to life… I love love love you for representing it wherever your feet take you!! Thank you for holding up the cause and pushing me to do the same….. I can’t wait to see and feel what’s next!
    love love love

  3. andreebelle says:

    i feel so divinely connected to you ladies- you both speak and live in magic! such inspiration! love to you! 🙂

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