consciously creating 2010

last year i didn’t make any new year’s resolutions…  and though it turned out to be a great year, i’m learning of the power of INTENTION and i know that i need to implement more intention in my life because i want to do even more AMAZING things!!!!…. and intention is the first step to manifestation.  setting our intention- allows us to verbalize and get specific about what it is we want in our lives and gets us in the mind-set of how to get there while also connecting us energetically to the desired outcome. now there are so many goals i have for the following year that are great goals (like learning to dance samba or playing guitar better, make a dance EP, work on my foreign language skills, etc. etc.)… and i think it’s important to have goals. i have many! but as one of my LAAFS ladies suggested it’s great to have some BIG  main intentions to have intense focus on for 2010. so here are my intentions for 2010! i’m taking it to the next level! this is my declaration to the world!

* i intend to receive financial abundance through music (my performances, placements on film/tv, album sales, etc.) where all my needs are more than taken care of. My passion, my music, is my life’s work!

* i intend to travel the world, recreational and through my singing!

*i intend to keep growing as an artist of living. i will live a revolutionary life, full of love, creation, music, dance, passion and fearless self-expression.

and in alignment with intention is also the practice of visualization- many superstar performers from singers, to athletes, to successful business men, to astronauts…  practice visualization and i believe it’s  a valuable tool as well… it gets you in the feeling of what you are hoping to manifest which aligns you energetically. and when you are in life’s various situations the experience isn’t foreign to you, you are fearless… visualization helps us to consciously create our own world. it helps us to begin with the end in mind. the more clearly and vividly we imagine the details the deeper we will experience it…. emotions are evoked within you as if you have already experienced what it is you desire. the more we visualize the more we change something within us… our thoughts change, our words change, our behavior changes, our perception changes, our outcome changes… i will be living out the script that I have written for my life and you will be living the script that you have written for yours, rather than us living by the programming that has been written into our hearts and minds by the external.

tonight in our manifestation group meeting we verbalized our intentions to the group and help a sacred space for each intention. we meditated together. we focused love energy towards each of the intentions for our soul sisters. we also let our imagination explore possibilities for each other. in doing this we found it was almost easier to visualize for others as we don’t get caught up in our own bullshit, self-sabotaging  doubts…. but the shared intention allowed us to have breakthroughs in our own visualizations- perfect for 2010 being a breakthrough year! 🙂 this exercise was powerful. the energy was thick in the room. even my friend’s dog reacted to it!  we can make intentions for ourselves which is amazing but it’s even more powerful when we share it with others and let it expand into the collective consciousness. and visualization and intention isn’t just about achieving personal gain… we can use our imagination to transcend self and create purpose filled lives of contributionwe can consciously create a better world for us all!!!!

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3 thoughts on “consciously creating 2010

  1. Shar says:

    Love this!!!! xo soul sista!!! 🙂

  2. ♥kid says:

    it will all unfold like magic. something i realized in my process of bringing my desires into being is that they really are guaranteed. you dream of it and you are pulled to it because everything needed to bring it into being in this world already lives within you. it is such an amazing adventure to watch it all come together. i love that you are doing this consciously!!! i’m so excited to see you unfold and to see you live the reality that you are all magic walking in human form! you WILL have everything you want and more sweet soul. you will! ♥

  3. ♥kid says:

    i think i started and skipped a whole thought in the first comment, but you can feel what i mean – love love love!

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