your perspective is your freedom

despite my extremely positive nature, sometimes i feel like i’m swimming up-stream… going against the currents to get to where i want to be… and one of these moments was yesterday when not 1 but 3 of my band members (who i consider like family) had to cancel for our gig next friday because of other opportunities… its disappointing u know… i was thinking why can’t i be a superstar already and afford to keep “my family” close! lol! but it is what it is… i realized that loyalty lies with what you are able to provide financially for your musicians as well as creatively and opportunistically… this disappointment compiled with many other stresses (which i won’t focus on) triggered a mini melt down of sadness… but i decided to flip the script… because i KNOW that OUR PERSPECTIVE IS OUR FREEDOM! and that by forming almost a completely new band for this show i can learn and grow… feel the songs in different ways… and extend the family 🙂 (and the extended family i must say is fucking exquisite as well!) so i encourage u when you are going through something difficult, feeling like ur swimming up-stream… find ways to flip the script! because your perspective is your freedom in this life. love and blessings to u!

how do u see your situation?

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5 thoughts on “your perspective is your freedom

  1. meganfinley says:

    Dude, I am totally with you on considering band members like family. But man, I learned the hard way that band members are NOT in fact family members. ah well. I’m glad you’re focusing on other things. good for you.

  2. ♥k says:

    exactly! the amazing thing is, is that we get to choose how we interpret any situation. and it is our own interpretation that determines in what direction we flow our energy and focus. the more you choose to interpret the situations that manifest in a positive light, the more you flip your mental script, the closer you bring yourself to living your dream. living your dream feels good, and it’s those sequence of good feeling moments that line your path to that ultimate feel good reality.

  3. Good reminder for me this weekend. Life is how we frame it! And we can see all the good things or we can see the bad – they’re both there, and they both always will be – but we can choose which things and perspectives we allow to define our lives. Great advice from a truly wonderful woman and example of positivity. Spreading positivity – we are one, you and me!

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