M.U.S.I.C.ally delicious update!

the universe is officially pouring in the goodness and i’m open to receiving! the year is starting off just as i hoped it would! DAMN good things are happening!

*i’m excited to say i just got my first music TV placement! yay! “Variety Pack” is going to be on 90210 (i remember watching the original show in elementary school! never dreamt i would one day have a song i created on the show!!!!) “Variety Pack” was the 1st song Dre and i wrote together and i’m so happy it’s coming out into the world in such a BIG way!!! amazing! be sure to check it out on the 3/30 episode!

*we are starting a residency at the sexiest martini lounge in all of southern California- NIC’S, 453 N Canon Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210!!!! i’ll be singing there with my ridiculously talented band twice a month- throwing a love party for all in attendance! our next show dates are 2/12 and 2/20 9:30-late night! http://www.nicsbeverlyhills.com/

*i’m doing a mini show this Friday night 1/29 8pm with up and coming drummer Gabriel De Sant’anna, the very gifted brother of the co-writer to my dreams Andre De Sant’anna @ Kulak’s Woodshed, 5230 1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91607! super excited to perform with these 2 gifted and beautiful Brazilian brothers! 🙂 you can even watch the show online at: http://kulakswoodshed.com/webcast-high

*also, i’m starting to write the next EP! the 1st song is entitled “rebel soul revolution” and it is going to be powerful! i’m so excited!

yesssssss, the year is just beginning and i know it is going to be one of crazy, beautiful adventures, E X P A N S I O N, success, elevation, and inspiration through music!!!!!! 🙂

wishing u all of your dreams to come true! my success is your success cause we are ONE! one LOVE!

celebrating my inner pin-up girl as a VARIETY PACK 😉

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4 thoughts on “M.U.S.I.C.ally delicious update!

  1. megan says:

    HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! That’s awesome about the tv show! And, well… all the rest of it! Congrats, you knew this was all gonna happen anyway though. We all did. 😉

  2. ♥k. says:

    i love it!!! and I love that you brought yourself here! thank you for being a demonstration of love and intention at work! and the amazing thing is it’s just the beginning. positive energies are amplified and multiplied with each passing breath. I am celebrating and appreciating YOU Ms.Belle!

    love love love

    • andreebelle says:

      ah! i love you both!!!! immensely! and k that is my mantra for the week “positive energies are amplified and multiplied with each passing breath”… mmmm. beautiful! u are so amazing!

  3. The duchess says:

    You look amazing and I’m so excited for you and te wonderful things happening and manifesting. 2010 it is lady!!!! I love you so much!!!

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