energetic rebirth, effortless manifestation, and the SOFT GLOW of ELECTRIC SEX!

this week has been RIDIC (as in ridiculous)!  i fell ill physically in a deep way but found that it was needed… as my divine healer filled me with herbs, teas, magic elixirs, peak frequency food, and LOVE… i rid myself of toxins in the physical, emotional, and spiritual! it was powerful. sometimes we hit these walls in our growth and then need something intense to get us through to the other side. i let go of so much energetic negativity and feel so much lighter, more liberated, and even more in my skin!

the illness started with stress. stress that predominately stemmed from financial stress- the gig that was supposed to pay my rent fell through because of some sheisty music business peeps (a whole nother blog!)… but after making myself ill from concern with paying my rent i had gigs and money come to me EFFORTLESSLY – a random text message asking me to sing at a party that paid and another to sing the national anthem at a fight that paid really well! (1/2 the rent right there)… lesson: it all happens perfectly. i am always taken care of. i am meant to sing….. so i encourage you not to stress! trust!!!!! i know it’s hard but do it! cause the universe has your back! 🙂

these signs give me even more motivation to do it BIG! to live my purpose in a grand way! to inspire the masses through music! i’m so excited about the next EP which is going to be called THE SOFT GLOW OF ELECTRIC SEX!!!! yeah! more on this later- the writing process, the collaborations, and the inspiration!!! it’s going to be sublime! i’m settling into my voice in such a different way now. i have more confidence, more ideas, more vocal power, more divine creative intuition, more fearlessness to put into this music. i’m ready for the e x p a n s i o n ! i’m feeling connected and inspired! i have a genius musical family. i have such great love support from our community! i am grateful.

i wish u presence in every millisecond, beautiful effortless manifestations, love, expansion, and the soft glow of ELECTRIC sex!

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One thought on “energetic rebirth, effortless manifestation, and the SOFT GLOW of ELECTRIC SEX!

  1. Love it baby! You have so much passion and purpose and deliberate intent in all you do; keep on rocking us lady. And when the album comes out I’m going to listen to it; because I would love to enjoy the spiritual connection of a soul mate with whom I could bask in the soft glow of electric sex beside!

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