sunday morning fiesta scramble

after your saturday night of partying like a rock star, what’s better than making a sunday morning fiesta scramble (clothing optional) while listening to billie holiday on vinyl?! nothing. so here’s my take on the famous breakfast delight.


-safflower or sunflower oil (better for you because you can cook with high heat and it doesn’t go bad)

-handful of cilantro

-1/2 sweet onion

-1 small organic Roma tomato

-organic free range eggs

-soy chorizo (you can get this at Trader Joes)

-goat mozzarella (better for you than cow’s cheese)

-tapatio hot sauce and/or pineapple salsa (optional)

-daisy’s sour cream (optional)


saute onions with cilantro in safflower oil / add in tomatoes and saute for a couple minutes more / whip eggs until they have body (this makes your scramble beautiful and light tasting) / add in soy chorizo / add grated goat mozzarella / lightly flip scramble to keep it fluffy / when it’s cooked to your liking serve with tapatio hot sauce and/or pineapple salsa,  daisy sour cream, and avocado! you can put the scramble in a tortilla to make breakfast tacos too 🙂 delish!

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