elevated and high and filled with love… a magical Hawaiian night

there was a rainbow in the shape of a circle around the moon. i’d never seen that before….the last night in Hawaii we shared a magical night. we (bushwalla’s band and the makepeace brothers) were invited to a be a part of a little party at a self-sustainable, magnificent home with all kinds of spiritual, unique, beautiful souls. here i encountered some profoundly spiritual experiences.

when i say self-sustainable, the couple living there had planted  fruits and vegetables and pretty much just lived off of the land, also they were working on providing their own energy naturally. what an inspiration! we were welcomed warmly and shown the garden and the house. natanna, the hostess, was such a natural, pure, gorgeous Hawaiian goddess. she and i became immediate soul sisters! she shared her art with us- which she channeled from another dimension i’m sure of it! so beautiful, colorful, otherworldly, her paintings told stories. she had one painting that was an homage to “strawberry fields forever” that was spectacular. i wish i could show you her work. when she’s ready i wanna help her share it with the world….

mainly we were outside, musicians playing, people hula hooping, dancing, singing, it had a 60s free-spirited, earthy vibe. a super tall man, i think he was like 9 feet tall, cut down coconuts for us to drink from! que rico! it was unreal.

there was a woman at the party who was sick with a brain tumor. she and her husband give relationship/love counseling to couples. we ate these delicious cookies she baked with loving, healing intention. outside we were asked to hold hands and form a circle around her and offer a blessing. dre said he felt as if electric currents were running through his hands and under his feet. it was special to send this lady collective, divine healing energy.

also, the other caregiver of the house, wanted his friend  to give us a blessing with an instrument called a didgeridoo, the band was told to lay in the grass in a circle with our heads facing inward towards each other. our crazy friend daniel (aka magala papa) who was new to these kind of experiences, thought we might get sacrificed….lol!  even though i’m open-minded to these kind of things, i thought for a split second that they might be doing some sacred ritual where i’m somehow impregnated by the moon or something… but i freed my mind as the very gifted musician, played a unique melody and rhythm for each one of us, starting in between our hips (at our bottom chakra) and worked his way up to the crown of our head. you could feel the vibration, the air, and the energy as he played over you. it was powerful and spiritual. i felt elevated and high and filled with love. i looked over at my man feeling even more connected to him and grateful to share this with him. for days after i felt opened up. even my voice came from a different place. it’s amazing how spiritual music can be, that an instrument used in such a way can move me so deeply. i wish everyone that experience with music…

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2 thoughts on “elevated and high and filled with love… a magical Hawaiian night

  1. Anjani says:

    Wow Andree, that is flippin beautiful. What an incredible night it was, wasn’t it. I never wanted it to end.

    Much love to you.

  2. Shar says:

    That picture is amazing!!!! Wow!!! If there were any moon to be impregnated by that would be it! lol. LOVE YOU!

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