4 part randomness: pop that bubble, LA IS a small town, unnecessary insults, and walking the walk

i quit my job today. this was before i noticed that there was negative -$8.71 in my account… but i would’ve done it anyway. i was debating on what to do on my way to meet my gorgeous PNC for a hike at runyon. she waited patiently as i made the call before our hike… they wanted to know why i no longer “felt that i was a good fit” and i told them the job didn’t align with my spirit… the phone was breaking up too, it was the MOST awkward way to end things… ha! but it was great to start the hike with a feeling of LIBERATION! even though i don’t know where my next source of income will be coming from, i’m ok with the uncertainty. i embrace it. i’ve been here before. and now i’m beyond ready for the next chapter. i’ve reached the glass ceiling and i’m about to break through… like in willy wonka and the chocolate factory, when they take the elevator through the glass roof. but instead of the glass shattering it’s going to be like popping a bubble, effortless and easy (right sharmila!)…

i’m starting to feel like LA is a small town… the streets and places and even faces are all so familiar now. i know all the different neighborhoods and their vibes. i guess it doesn’t hurt that i’ve moved like 10 times since i’ve lived here…. but it’s more because i run into people i know constantly. it’s weird. how can the 2nd largest city in the US feel like a small town? not in the way that in small towns everyone is super friendly but just that i feel like it’s almost incestuous. maybe incestuous isn’t the right word… or maybe it is? in some regards it is… anyway, after the hike, shar and i went to get a coffee and sat on someone’s front stoop in the shade and a sweet lady i know drove by (on this random street) and waved hello. it keeps happening, i run into people i know…in LA… it’s wonderful…even on a stranger’s stoop, on a strange random street in Hollywood… i run into someone… i remember moving here, feeling so overwhelmed and now LA is a microcosm… does that mean i need to move?

attention!!! this paragraph is written in LOVE and awareness… last night a singer that i look up to insulted me, by accident i’m sure. to compliment another singer who she was introducing me to, she said “she makes our voices look like complete shit,” or something of that nature… interesting choice of words. 1- because why did she feel it necessary to insult herself to compliment someone else. 2-because why did she feel it was necessary to insult me to compliment someone else. and 3-she and i have had this particular conversation about the importance of singers supporting each other and not playing that competition/comparison game (that i -and i thought her- greatly dislike). perhaps, it’s an awareness thing. perhaps people just aren’t truly aware of their words and their merit. and that it’s unnecessary to insult ourselves or someone else to make another person shine. i’m bringing this up not because my feelings were hurt (though they were a bit only because i admire her) but because i want everyone to feel that they don’t have to put themselves down (or another) to allow someone else to shine! we can all shine! no negative words necessary! 🙂

i got a message today from a friend who said she really admired how i walk the walk and not just talk the talk. i so appreciated it, it made my day! first of all because she is a person that walks the walk (she even works for FREE THE SLAVES- an amazing non-profit organization), so a compliment from her in this regard holds merit because i admire her and her mission! i was checking myself and making sure that i live up to being someone that “walks the walk”… i’m not perfect but i definitely aim to walk the walk… i am happy to say that when i’ve had opportunities (in particular opportunities in music) that did not align with me, i have chosen not to go that path. i speak and live my truth. yes!!! it’s liberating!

wishing u divine love, compassion, awareness, and the effortless breaking through of glass ceilings!!!

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