INFOtainment at it’s finest… BADUUUUU will move u…

of the 4xs i’ve seen ms. erykah badu- this was the finest performance yet! i’m so INSPIRED!!!! she sings truth. she is powerful. loving. authentic. silly. a genuine artist. she provided INFOtainment at it’s finest! and her style…tonight she wore giant gold wing earrings, yellow frumpy sweatpants with a t-shirt, warrior bracelets, and a top hat which she took off to reveal blond massive hair. she was stunning. she is elegant and crass. genius yet colloquial. powerful and grounded. a goddess yet one of the common folk. i adore her. i feel so fortunate my soul sister  of song, aneesah williams, hooked up section a, 8th row seats! incredible! we experienced completely, erykah’s depth and beautiful essence. she did every song i wanted hear from baduism on. her band was TIGHT. she inspired me to really take control, bring the band down, and let my voice and lyrics be heard as they are meant to be heard. she creates this magnificent space for the message to reach ur core without u realizing it reached u. ooooh and she was my muse for a new song as well! she closed with a rendition of “Believe” from the wiz -mmm and i’m feeling her message-i believe that me headlining @ the greek isn’t so far away 🙂

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