transcending the demographic, sexy incense, and music is magic

summer @ the bandshell wed. night was my 1st all ages show and it strengthened within me  my already deep love for performing in the way i was able to connect with people of all ages and races and backgrounds…this inspiration came in seeing this older lady in her 70s (maybe 80s?) dancing so freely by herself to our music. i mean she was getting down, swaying her hips from side to side… and there was a homeless man in the corner with drum sticks, that he hit on the fence  in the back of the place to commune with us rhythmically,  and a little cutie toddler in the front moving, discovering himself through the music. i’m so used to doing shows that are at bars/clubs/lounges (21+) that it was so new and beautiful seeing that my music could connect to such an array of people! it was a dream come true in a sense, not to be boxed in, to transcend a demographic. it was all about the energy… or as the man selling incense (that he makes with his wife in various sexy flavors- one was called “kiss you all over” another “butt naked”) said it was MAGIC. music is magic. at first, the show was a bit stiff, it was cold on the west side, grey and gloomy, and it wasn’t dark yet… it was an uncomfortable twilight. there were 4 cops with their arms folded staring at the stage from the side… i even felt inspired to encourage them to move if they felt inspired, “i know y’all got moves too.” i told them on the mic…even they loosened up a bit and allowed themselves to open up to the sound……  the man who sold incense invited us to “play in the hood” he was saying that people in that environment don’t get enough variety in music nor enough music with a positive message. i hope he calls us, i’d love to further spread the magic of our M.U.S.I.C.

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