1 year in the making, 3 years in the making, in the zone of elevation and GREAT LOVE

1 year in the making- the 24th marked 1 year since our album release show, my 1st real show EVER with original songs! this year has flown by and i’m in awe of how fortunate i have been to be able to share my M.U.S.I.C. with so many beautiful people, at so many incredible venues (The Troubdour, The Mint, Dakota Lounge, Zanzibar, Nics, Saint Rocke, Harvelle’s, The Bandshell, etc. etc.), with such a brilliant/genius/funktastic/soulicious/amazingly talented/connected/elevated band (Andre De Sant’anna, Bryan Velasco, Leo Costa, DJ BNS, Matthew Haze, and Alberto Lopez) who inspire me to learn and grow and become more!!!! i can say that after this year, i’m 1000% in my skin on stage and am committed to every moment… i embrace even my imperfections… i am in a zone of elevation and i take this job seriously… it’s beyond entertaining folks, i want to create a movement. i want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. i want to cover the audience in a blanket of love! i want open peoples minds and hearts and make them feel and move and sing and celebrate 🙂 mmmmm! yes!

and i know where i wanna go from here. even if i don’t know the exact details of the unfolding, i trust in the universe and i trust in myself that it will happen, that i am destined to heal the world, change the world, give to the world, inspire the world through music on a massive scale! the world tour is in the makings!


3 years in the making- this past week also was my 3 year anniversary with the love of my life. i consider this relationship sacred so i can’t say everything. but i do want to say something to give others HOPE of GREAT LOVE or to open ones eyes to the love that is already there… i am amazed and honored by the man in my world. he teaches me so much by who he is. i have never met a man with so much integrity, so much heart, so much intelligence, or sexiness for that matter! he’s deep and grounded and genuine and spiritual. and i realize that we will have a forever love because we are committed to growing… to always rediscovering each other. to seeing things and feeling things and knowing each other in new ways. we are committed to a new level of honesty, that can be difficult but is so liberating! i would do anything for that man.  he is a part of my soul. he inspires me to be the best version of myself. and when u find that soul to explore this world with, the one that inspires u to be the best u, if u commit to grow together, ur love will be infinite! 🙂

wishing u MANY adventures in LOVE and inspiration through M.U.S.I.C.,


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One thought on “1 year in the making, 3 years in the making, in the zone of elevation and GREAT LOVE

  1. Carla says:

    You are all so talented and amazing! Truly a group that is meant to play and inspire the masses! I love you all and all that you are doing to make music real, authentic, and touch the hearts and souls of the world! Keep doing everything the way you are! Congratulations to a wonderful year and to many, many more!

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