adventures in guerrilla marketing, nursing vs. singing and friends are the family we choose

2 make some extra dinero for my trip to europe i manifested a beautiful gig doing promo work with the ultimate hustler that i’ll call “Boston”… i visit various locations with mi jefe (who despite the tough accent, is the BIGGEST sweetheart and so so so much fun). this promo work is teaching me so much…about how people respond to your energy/body language/vocal tone even more than i previously knew or imagined… when i accent certain words to certain people they are more likely to interact with me and take the flyer or talk with me about what i’m promoting…  for example people that are thicker respond more when i accent the word “taste” or people that are dressed in really nice clothing or have fancy jewelry are more responsive when i accent the words “beverly hills” …. of course this seems so simple to marketing heads but it’s new to me to be in it…. experimenting different ways to  spark interest… also, people like when you match their energy….if they are polite and quiet they appreciate the same… if they are outgoing and gregarious they typically dig that as well…  if they are in a chill mood they appreciate the same versus someone being up in their face… it’s a good thing i have a talent for reading people and their energy and this is helping me to develop this skill further… i could go on… i got to meet some very interesting people as well… one was a photographer that “liked my look” and gave me his card- he’s super legit and shoots amazing artists in such a gorgeously creative way! 🙂 i’m excited to see what we can create!

the last gig Boston called me for was giving away balloons to promote a band at an electronica concert. except i didn’t realize how guerrilla street style this promo would be…. Boston sets up the helium tank on the street (outside of the venue) with the box of balloons and strings to tie the balloons and scissors and we just go to work… i was thinking how funny it was that we were all college educated getting paid to give away balloons to promote a band... i mean it’s pretty good money, great interaction with mostly very nice people…but  best of all i enjoy it…because i’m FREE. i’m not making money working in an office. i’m not confined to one place. i make my own schedule and everyday is different and crazy and an adventure... the kids going to this concert were wearing the most insane, naughty, bizarre outfits ever. they were very sweet, friendly and somewhat lost. this amazing girl (who couldn’t bring in bracelets she made because the authorities thought she might be hiding drugs in the beads) gave me the radest hello kitty bracelet just because… i didn’t realize though how many people do drugs- almost everyone who walked by asked us if it was nitrous (instead of helium) in the tank cause they wanted to get high! the cops eventually made us close up shop for whatever reason… so we just moved to around the corner. i’m getting better at dealing with the authorities knowing what to say and how to get out of things because with a lot of this kind of work it can be kind of… what’s the word…semi-illegal? i have such a distaste for our system and it’s quite amusing for me to try to get around it.

also, this week has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life because the for the last 10 days i’ve been taking care of my love. it’s heart breaking seeing someone u love with all of your being go through pain… i was only too happy though to have been his full time nurse… i would do anything and everything to care for my beautiful man. and going through this makes me appreciate him even more… but i must say nurses have it hard!!! it is a lot of work! and with homeopathic healing it’s even more work because treatment sometimes needs to be done every 15 minutes versus every few hours or so… it’s exhausting. i’m ready for my love to be on the mend! and it seems like he is now! yay! so we can get our party on in Paris! through this whole intense ordeal… my friends have been amazing… proving once again that friends are the family we choose. i don’t know what i would’ve done without sharmila, julia, and aneesah checking in on me, calling, coming over, offering love/support/food/comfort/medical contacts/laughter etc. even my girls from back east were there for me- oshana, carla, noelle… i am so blessed! and juanita with her wisdom, generosity and love was amazing through this tumultuous time…. i hope the cycle of madness is ending … no fuck that! it IS ending! i’m ready to transition from nursing back into singing! and speaking of singing we have our last show till the fall at Nics in Beverly Hills this Friday night 9:30-1am. rocking the mic will be therapeutic! 🙂 i need it! i’m ready to give myself fully to the moment. sending u love and beautiful adventures and FREEDOM!!!! besos!

my hello kitty bracelet

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  2. GREAT bracelet…and it goes beautifully with Abeula’s ring! xxx Aunt J

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