how to truly CHANGE THE WORLD!

i was wondering  after seeing the phenomenal documentary 2012: TIME FOR CHANGE, how do we TRULY implement change in the world!?

i know one way to change the world is simply by how we live our lives. how we live, influences those around us…. even if it’s purely on a subconscious level- we influence those around us (and they influence us)… are we conscious of the environment, how we treat others, and what is going on in the world? and what action do we take after we become aware?

we also can implement change through educating others through our networks- our communities are powerful (our neighborhoods, spiritual/religious groups, school, work, hobbies, social networks -ie facebook, etc. etc.)… we provide each other with information. and though sometimes we are bombarded with too much information, some of the gems do stick with us. and those in our circle tend to be open to what we share with them. and thus the information sparks inspiration which sparks action… we get people thinking, discussing, debating, then making moves towards a common goal (be it a community garden, or voting on something that will drastically impact our environment – (no on 23!) etc.)

you have been given unique talents and though your “thing” you can implement change in the world… what are u passionate about? music? art? writing? science? use your passion to fuel change.  as a musician, you could throw a benefit concert towards your favorite charity or just create awareness at your shows, or write a song that impacts the world positively… or like one of the MIT geniuses in the film- you could show others how we can run our cars from water! when we truly rid ourselves of depending on oil our whole world will change in vast and amazing ways… and even if you’re not a songwriter or a MIT graduate you still have gifts/talents/ideas that can be utilized to create change… what are your talents and how can you spread knowledge, enthusiasm, and positivity and thus make the world better? we are interconnected and weave such an amazing web that it’s easier than u think to implement lasting positive change. and we can’t wait for OTHERS to do this!

so i challenge you, how are you changing the world everyday for the better?

check out 2012: TIME FOR A CHANGE! it will give a u a sense that though our global problems can seem massively overwhelming we really have resources, ideas and creative, brilliant people determined to create our utopia. let’s do this!!!!!


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