the definition of success and why you’ll never have “made it”

everyone wants to be a SUCCESS! within my circle the subject of success has been a topic lately regarded with some stress (well with most everyone except my man, who is a freak of nature)… it gets me thinking though because the people that i hear being frustrated with themselves and their level of success are, in my eyes, truly are a success!!!! they are brilliant musicians who make a good living doing what they love, they travel the world sharing their gifts! of course perhaps artistically, creatively, professionally, financially they could perhaps achieve  more (we all can)…but  i know that they will! they have the intelligence, talent, focus and deep love for their craft. i see it so clearly for them. (funny how sometimes others can see so clearly for us what we can’t see for ourselves). which brings me to my first little sound off… TRUST… trust in your ability, in your love, in your focus, in your work ethic, in your alignment with the universe, TRUST in the God in you…. and BE GRATEFUL – it can always be worse… you could be doing a temp job to pay your bills while you’re trying to become a superstar singer… a temp job that you are way overeducated for and way under paid for… i’m just sayin! 🙂 with this TRUST and GRATITUDE your focus will be purely on your art and on the good in your life which will open up the space for you to become and grow and thus receive and achieve…..

also, know that you’ll never ever ever ever will have “made it” …even when u think u have made it, u will eventually desire more in the different realms of your life…. desires are continuously born within you… it’s about GRATITUDE, being grateful for where you are now- enjoying that moment, living that moment fully in the present, while still reaching towards more with beautiful expectation that what you ask for you shall receive.

which brings me to what is the definition of success? we all want different things so we all have our unique definition of success of what is truly important to us, about what will make us feel we lead a meaningful life… so i encourage you to take a moment to write out your idea of success, so that you can visualize it, feel it, and live it.

so stop being so hard are yourselves damn it!! you’re already a success baby! a billion trillion hugs and kisses your way…


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