Eggs Salmon Surrounded in Avocado Love


-2 organic cage-free brown eggs

-whole wheat bread

-wild smoked salmon

-small hand full of spinach

-1 avocado

-1 organic roma tomato (a few slices)

-crumbled goat cheese

-cold pressed olive oil

-squeeze of lemon



-sea salt

-cayenne pepper



serves 2


fry two eggs in butter, add smoked salmon and a bit of spinach, while this is cooking toast whole wheat bread, (toast and eggs will be done around the same time), season eggs with dill, place cooked egg on top of lightly buttered toast, top with sliced roma tomato and crumbled goat cheese, surround your beautiful creation with sliced avocado, then drizzle olive oil over entire plate, squeeze a little bit of lemon all over. add sea salt and cayenne to your liking… soooooo delicious! mmmmmmm!!!!

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