why i LOVE my band so much

* the honesty- there is a beautiful comfort level that allows us to communicate in truth- for example, when bryan said, “if we cover ‘gracias a la vida’ this way i’m going to f*cking kill myself” i so appreciated him speaking his truth! yes it’s hardcore but it’s real and i value that. honesty is caring.

*they actually asked to rehearse more!!!!! yes! i’m not kidding! (thank you alberto) what an incredible dedication to our growth!

*they have all played with superstar artists and LEGENDS…. performed at famous venues like carnegie hall, madison square garden, hollywood bowl, the greek, staples center, etc. etc. and they never make me feel like i am less than they are. in fact they encourage me and my growth and even sometimes compliment me! wow!

*when my dough is a little short they have accepted payments of my homemade food, love, and verbal gratitude. and they trust that when i make millions they are getting theirs! 🙂

*at some point and time they have all seen me cry (i’m a pisces, latina, female, artist – come on now!) and they always give me love and have my back if anyone tries to mess with me (thank u again mr. velasco) and believe in the beauty of my dreams (especially you de sant’anna)

*i truly believe in all of them! they are so beyond gifted that i want the BEST for them. i want them to fulfill every single musical aspiration and inspiration and more.

*they are multi-talented. not only have they mastered their main instrument, they play other instruments and they write and mix and engineer and produce. and they do them all well. it’s kind of crazy.

*they all have brilliant minds and creative hearts. they are musically fearless- not afraid to try new things, explore the songs in different realms. they hold it down. they give me this ridiculous foundation on which to elevate the crowd from- it’s powerful!

just wanted to send y’all a love note. i’m forever grateful for all you teach me and all that you share with me. you’ve all helped me grow so much. i love that you are a part of my journey and there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for you all! can’t wait for the world tour!



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One thought on “why i LOVE my band so much

  1. Otha says:

    I’m still cracking up from Bryan’s honest remark. I need to see you guys in action again!

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