i’m up at 5:46 am because some crazy person just drove through my hood with their hand held on the horn… what loud, obnoxious, cruel and unusual punishment…. and this wasn’t just for a minute or two… this went on and on and on and on and on… who does that?.. a drunkard? a mad lover? a stupid kid?  now i’m awake, thinking i’m hearing things downstairs… this isn’t good… and all because of some idiot with their horn…. hollyweird…

last night i was at the federal bar and some dude said to me “as long as i have a face, you’ll have somewhere to sit.” that is probably the most fucked line i’ve ever heard.

the night before, i went to west hollywood, to the über famous gay club “the abbey” which consists of mainly young gay men looking to score. i just wanted to go dancing with my friend. some bizarre lady at the club takes out her tits starts showing them proudly  to everyone and then proceeds to do the hardcore stripper split (the one where you bounce up and down and it looks like you might break something) with her crotch showing! again this was not just one or two splits. she went on and on and on and on. sometimes i think the world has lost it’s mind and not in a good way.

and i could go on and on and on and  on… with the oddities of this town… with strange, very strange experiences. there are some great things about LA (the sun, the art, the food, the entertainment) but sometimes it’s just fucking weird. sometimes i long for the sweet connection of my hometown (raleigh, nc) where you don’t have to have your guard up so much and you can get in a conversation with someone at the grocery store and it’s normal. granted i’m seeing such a full spectrum of life too which i appreciate as an artist. but just not so early in the morning.

gonna try to head back to sleep. sweet dreams lovers!

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