Brazilian Stream of Consciousness

Açaí is heaven, beautiful T H I C K legs, warm rain, roMANce, lush greenery, round asses, thought there would be more of them though, street caipirinhas made by shirtless tattooed sweetheart thug, Rio parties like no other city, banana chips, filet mignon, ceviche, hearts of palm risotto, my hair won’t be tamed “Boricua fro”, most racially mixed people in the world-so beautiful, warm vibes, kind but direct, eye contact, swagger, dark skin with blonde hair, incredible bikinis, blessed by the Cristo, Corcovado!, wishes made on Bahia bracelets, protection, love, vibrance, wise birds, tropical cafe, first time shooting massacre in Brazilian school, how sadly typical though in the US, Mc Donald’s has infiltrated! :(, crazy drivers, bumpy buses, Yemanja, aqua turquoise teal sea, sacred water, Escadaria Selarón, empada de camarao, cute telephone booths that are called BIG ears, best view of all my travels-Sugarloaf, one day  I will perform at the Venue on top of the Urca mountain!, STRONG coffee, too much white bread and processed cheese, meeting of the family, Portuguese isn’t THAT much like Spanish, i need to learn Portuguese, workout equipment at parks, my man is beautiful/sexy/brown/real, LOVE, childhood home, Acaraje beyond delicious, psychedelic colors, rhythm, LAPA, various expressions of Samba, everything is ALIVE, grounded, rooted.

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