soft glow of ELECTRIC sex

between the dark and the light / the RAW within the divine / encompassing all / within it myself i find  / it’s the miseducation / ENDLESS exploration / from the sharing of the soul / to the itching of a scratch / it’s life’s intimate creation / or 2 bodies meeting when wasted / they give it away like it’s nothing / or cling to it till documents are signed / sell it to the highest bidder / or seduce it with red red wine / monogamist / polygamist / CONTORTIONIST / they contort it to mean / but it’s the most NATURAL thing / self pleasure / group elation / orgy / masturbation / celibacy / something he don’t need / gay / straight / bi / NOTHING I WON’T TRY / he’s so big makes the young girls cry / she used it to make herself feel loved / didn’t know she was being disrespected / she was just trying to get CONNECTED / it feels so good / get high from it / get high from it / i glow from it / i KNOW from it / he goes from it / already wanting more / light surrounds / animalistic sounds / black lace and i’m bound / hallucinate in the round / hot heat he’s found / in my dreams we get down / the colors, the colors they glow / tell u shhhhhit no one knows / in TANTRA we grow / drip wet overflow / ELECTRIC magnetic / line between the dark and the divine / parallel universes to find in the way we unite….

The Soft Glow of Electric Sex


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