Be a part of my next project: THE SOFT GLOW of ELECTRIC SEX!

I truly want to share the gift of music to INSPIRE and empower others and by contributing to this project you will be a part of a positive musical movement!

My music is eclectic soul (soul with other genres mixed in). This EP is an exploration of sexuality (the erotic, the spiritually divine connection, the emotional love aspects, there’s even a little bit of social commentary woven within the songs). We’re getting deep with it (no put intended)! I’m very excited because I have a brilliant musical family and we’re collaborating to bring you something truly magical.

The name of the project is called, THE SOFT GLOW OF ELECTRIC SEX… I got the idea for the title of the EP from a movie called The Christmas Story, perhaps you remember the scene when Ralphie is mesmerized by the “soft glow of electric sex” emitted by the leg lamp his father won? I love the duality of the title, so erotic yet at the same time it’s so silly cause it’s inspired by a holiday classic film.

Your generosity goes towards my funktastic band, production, studio time, mixing, mastering, and hopefully well go over the goal and have additional funding for marketing, publicity, touring etc. By contributing to The Soft Glow of Electric Sex, you can receive some truly unique, fabulous, fun, and wonderful gifts: and you will be a part of a musical revolution (music that makes you feel, and think, and move)!

Yay for dreams coming true! Mine and yours! Immense love and gratitude your way!

Click on the link below and be a part of The Soft Glow of Electric Sex!

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