experiments in LOVE, the good witch of the South, and hidden messages in water

the other night my man and i went out for dinner to eat sushi in little tokyo. we sat at the bar because we like watching them create. the chef was really not in a good mood. he wouldn’t make eye contact, had a scowl on his face, seemed pissed off… he kept angrily putting the sushi down right in front of my love. so i thought i’m going to try a little love experiment….. this might sound strange to some but those that know how energetically we are so connected will totally get this… i concentrated on sending him love… i imagined love radiating from my heart and it surrounding him… i did this for a couple of minutes… and then all of a sudden he looked at us in the eyes and smiled! (and he started putting the sushi in front of me)!!! 🙂 my boyfriend called me a witch… well if i am, then i’m the good witch of the south! lol! it was kind of amazing.

i did the same thing when we went to eat Indian food the next day. our waiter was in a bad mood and very annoyed with us for sharing a meal… when dre ordered a beer, the waiter said, “are you going to share that too,” inferring that we would be cheap customers. i kindly said, “no, i’m not drinking.” i then did the same energetic, positive love intention towards him. the next time he came to our table, he was kind and smiling and even said to me “you are very sweet, like an Indian girl, not like an American girl,” which was his way of complementing me. my boyfriend was again amazed at his transformation all from me sending him loving energy.

if you’ve ever read about dr. emoto and the hidden messages in water, then you know how powerful our thoughts are. and if people respond to words and touch, why wouldn’t they respond to our thoughts? it’s output of some form of energy. dr. emoto does experiments where he’ll have a group of people say a prayer or think of a concept- war, love, peace, etc. and then focus that thought energy on water. he then magnifies the water crystals. the ones that were LOVE crystals look beautiful and perfect. the war water crystals look distorted and “ugly.” so when you think that we are made up of water, it is clear that our thoughts are able to affect us and others profoundly! fascinating!

check out this video which shows some of the findings. it’s beautiful.

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One thought on “experiments in LOVE, the good witch of the South, and hidden messages in water

  1. Darien says:

    Andree thank-you for sharing. I too believe that the mind is very powerful and the power of love to those around us and the world for that matter. I wonder what would happen if everyone on earth stoped for 2 minutes and concentrated with the thought of “Love the world and all it’s people” – what would happen. Thought is powerful – mixed with love and peace magnificent!

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