on the road with VV Brown and family!

i just got back from a promo tour with the lovely and gifted VV Brown! what an amazing experience. i sang backgrounds, played my blue tambourine till i was black and blue, and rocked my glock (glockenspiel that is)! i feel so fortunate to have worked with such talented and authentic musicians. we became a little family so quickly sharing intimate stories and silliness. i feel very blessed to have created abundance through music, to travel, and to have communed with these beautiful souls.

jody giachello (drums) has the best positive energy, is so solid and committed, and has the best curly fro ever (i’m trying to get him a hair product endorsement, i believe in his hair that much). greg malone (bass/md) not only is super talented but always kept his cool even in high pressure situations, a true leader, and has lived such a fascinating life. nick paul (keys) is quite an artsy man and a freakin musical genius. luke aiono (guitar) is a f*cking rock star. he elevates the stage! i so appreciated his dance moves. and ms. vv brown can sing anything, is beautiful, intelligent, a TRUE artist, and she’s what i call “elegantly crass” which i love. tig moore (our sound man) was the man. thorough, intelligent, and good hearted. and he made really weird noises into the mic to do very advanced and unparalleled testing to get us premium sound in any condition. 🙂 cez darke (tour manager) was the best tour manager ever! everything was smooth like butter thanks to him. i also enjoyed his dance moves, style, beautiful curly hair, and unintentionally sexy boutique hotels he put us up in.

here’s to living the dream!

check out some of my favorite photos from the tour…


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