jesus talks to you through billboards, okra, moonshine, coordinated dancing, the art of flirting in the South

Just got back for a road trip with my beautiful mama from North Carolina to Florida. Did you know that Jesus talks to you through billboards in the South? On one billboard he tells you that the truth is through him and down the road a few miles he’s telling you that a marriage is between a woman and a man only. Really.. can we explore truths or untruths of the bible through slogans plastered in huge font on billboards on the I-95 south??? A few miles down you’ll see a billboard for a XXX club or an “Asian spa.” It’s as if the oppression manifests in the extreme opposite. Other I-95 billboards I found interesting in the South: Lock and Load. FIREWORKS!!! Cracker Barrel (dang how many Cracker Barrels are there in the south?) and advertisements for Peaches (yum).

I love how people are a bit slower, a bit nicer, a bit more present in the conversation cause they’re not in a hurry, and talk with that sexy Southern draaaawwwwwwlllll mmmmmm…

I love the shrimp and grits and fried green tomatoes, and OKRA. When I was a little girl I loved okra so much that once at the counter at a McDonald’s I asked if they made okra there. And when told they didn’t, I made a strong suggestion that they should. I was a very opinionated 5 year old.

I love that people actually drink moonshine. And that they’re much more likely to dance coordinated dances together.

I love love love that men open doors for me. I love how Southern men flirt in a way that is blunt but polite at the same time. Southern men make you feel beautiful. They compliment in such a sincere way. I don’t feel exploited. I feel celebrated. It’s really lovely.

I love that my roots are there. I’m proud to be a Southern Belle! 🙂  I think I would’ve been too feisty if I grew up in NYC or Puerto Rico. Ha! Though there tends to be bit more racism and some close-mindedness unfortunately (though really that’s almost everywhere in the World just expressed differently), there is also so much beauty and grace and peace.

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One thought on “jesus talks to you through billboards, okra, moonshine, coordinated dancing, the art of flirting in the South

  1. Ingrid Bimbo says:

    Andree’, Well stated! I grew up a yankee, but love the south for the many reason you stated!

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