My definition of love

We believe in each other. Encourage, Inspire, Appreciate, Rediscover each other. Always growing. Complacency is outlawed. There are no secrets except the ones we share. He amplifies my light. He radiates currents of love. Balance of giving and receiving. In sickness and health. Poverty and wealth. Happiness and sadness. We comfort. We adjust. We take care of each other. Sacrifice. Patience. Forgiveness. Accountability. Kindness. No one looks to the depths of me the way he does. Unparalleled PASSION. We dance. We sing. We play. We share. We party. We go on adventures. We are fearless. We know. We trust. We communicate. We give. We feel. We pray. We learn. We stay true who we are and to each other. We are telepathically energetically connected. I only think of him when I reach the highest point. We are magnets. We share family. We create a family. When we’re lost we we help each other find our way. We have a purpose. We are connected in ways we don’t even comprehend…. #SoftGlow


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