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Christmas in Cuba

Like old women who were once BEAUTY queens, buildings radiantly worn, time has aged them increasingly VIBRANT, there’s a thickness in the air, my hair has created a life of its own, jungle texture, there’s a PURITY and a GRIT that exists in the people that hasn’t yet been corrupted by our consumerism, we praise thru song and DANCE to the deities originating from the mother, OSHUN drips honey all over her body, seduction, chango takes hold of my hips, cigarettes so prevalent my voice has some rasp, I like the sound and consider smoking for 3.7 seconds until the feeling of being boxed in with the smoke leaves me claustrophobic for freshness and life force, no puedo imaginar Cuba without vintage treasures that adorn their streets and lives and hearts, no system is flawless, I still am learning what it means to be FREE, beyond the constraints of my government, in the obscure parts of my mind, in the pained parts of my heart, dancers BRILLIANT as the sun! honored to study with maestros, limber/effortless/fluid they paint through their bodies with a strength that withstands the cement floor, my feet dance till they’re dead and reincarnate into a spirit beyond my understanding, no mirrors in class to learn so everything must be felt, the queen of folklorio reminds us to dance with our faces, Rumba! Various levels of provocativeness, one in Matanzas where the man playfully pops the woman in the pussy! damn! the roosters call our alarm clock, Guantanamo’s HEART exceeds its reputation, el aire in Santiago tan sucio – makes LA smog seem refreshing, no toilet paper in any public restrooms, my uber healthy spoiled palate adjusts to minimal veggies, good thing I love some rice and beans, pescado and platanos, mmmm fresh mango juice, dark aged rum, ménage a trois via salsa, SINGING on the verdadero American r&b tunes with Cubanos and Americanos, laughing and free, Christmas in Cuba! taking in el campo y la ciudad, the sea my heaven, every molecule baptized, there is no higher BLISS, grateful for golden LUMINOUS souls impacting the world with their light, met a 7 foot tall otherworldly angel whose hug pieced my heart together again, the father drum asks questions the mother drum gives answers, polyrhythms in my body, my heart’s elation, beautiful tears of joy born from realizations, cheeks ache from smiling, I will never be the same.




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The Soft Glow of Electric Sex photo of the day!

The Soft Glow of Electric Sex photo of the day!

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Happy New Year (yeah I know it’s almost February)…

Happy New Year lovers and dreamers! Yeah I know it’s almost February! It’s been a hectic month, full of change, adventures, lessons, and TRANSFORMATION! I’m making a point to share more of my deepest sentiments with the world once again through this blog.

I know it can be cliche to reflect back on the previous year but I feel like it’s essential to our growth and understanding of self. It’s also a time to acknowledge what’s working in your life and what isn’t. 2012 was such a time of great change for our entire planet in various capacities. I think it was the most difficult year of my life thus far, but with that difficulty unfolds the beautiful evolution of our soul.

Focusing on the positive, my highlights of 2012 were completing my second project The Soft Glow of Electric Sex, and epic BURNING MAN adventure, deepening my friendships, finishing my certification to teach yoga, and developing the courage to follow my heart even when it’s difficult!

My intention for 2013 is more MUSIC, travel, beautiful creation, abundance, and LOVE.

Love and blessings to everyone in 2013!


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