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sunday morning fiesta scramble

after your saturday night of partying like a rock star, what’s better than making a sunday morning fiesta scramble (clothing optional) while listening to billie holiday on vinyl?! nothing. so here’s my take on the famous breakfast delight.


-safflower or sunflower oil (better for you because you can cook with high heat and it doesn’t go bad)

-handful of cilantro

-1/2 sweet onion

-1 small organic Roma tomato

-organic free range eggs

-soy chorizo (you can get this at Trader Joes)

-goat mozzarella (better for you than cow’s cheese)

-tapatio hot sauce and/or pineapple salsa (optional)

-daisy’s sour cream (optional)


saute onions with cilantro in safflower oil / add in tomatoes and saute for a couple minutes more / whip eggs until they have body (this makes your scramble beautiful and light tasting) / add in soy chorizo / add grated goat mozzarella / lightly flip scramble to keep it fluffy / when it’s cooked to your liking serve with tapatio hot sauce and/or pineapple salsa,  daisy sour cream, and avocado! you can put the scramble in a tortilla to make breakfast tacos too 🙂 delish!

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today i went to the beach with my love… and i was thinking of the craziness that love is… and how it’s the strangest things that we appreciate about the people we love… like today, dre used his hands to create a sun-dial to see what time it was… (i believe this came from his boy scout days)… i love that! it was the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen him do.  and in the car on the way home we were listening to Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” and he was like “listen…listen to the cow bell… that’s what makes the song sexy.” lol!!!!! those are the things that years from now i’ll look back on and smile. or the other day when i had all my jewelry out on the counter that i had worn the night before and he turned the pieces artistically into a smiley face… or the times when i’m sad and he’ll slow dance with me to no music. nothing is perfect. no one is perfect. but love is perfect.. even within the imperfection of us as human beings… our love is perfect.

“i love u the way billie bends her notes- fearlessly… and with loving intention, i gaze at u the way stevie sees music… and with feeling in amazement of ur genius, i dream of u in a level of consciousness that the enlightened monk meditated for years to find… my heart recognized ur soul and it was love at 1st encounter...” from my diary date unknown…


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Be fearless, be humble, give LOVE in all you do!!! My interview! :)

After doing the interviews with the band for the album release show week, Dre had the brilliant idea of me answering my own interview questions… 

-what’s your 1st musical memory?

Singing and dancing to Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga.” I thought I was Gloria in my living room! 🙂


-what’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened while you are on stage?

I haven’t really done that many shows… I guess the craziest thing was our album release show! The energy was crazy! There was so much love in the room. It was a good crazy! 


-what’s your ultimate dream in music?

My musical intention on my site sums it up beautifully: to inspire adventure, creativity, and the inner artist- to give praise, to heal, to manifest love, to allow you to feel your own truth and power through my voice, to make music that evokes emotion, thought, mood, and passion, to connect with others on levels they didn’t even know existed within themselves, or simply to create something that you can shake your ass to…


-if you weren’t doing music what would you be doing?

I would be the next Oprah! Lol! Seriously I’d do the things I already do but in a grander way- dance, write poetry, inspire others to live their dreams…. 


-songs that changed your life…

Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” it’s soulful AND conscious… Donny Hathaway’s version of “A Song for You…” Ella Fitzgerald singing live “Mack the Knife”-I’ve never heard another singer use her voice as an instrument the way she does… Oh there’s too many… 


-most influential artists to you and why?

Prince (his music is beyond sexy), Erykah Badu and Jill Scott-soulful/poetic/conscious writers and singers- I adore them!, Nina Simone/Billie Holiday/Ella- their unique interpretation of the lyric, their tone, their phrasing…. Bjork-she’s innovative, takes risks, she’s her own entity…Chaka Khan is fierce… Stevie Wonder-such an incredible song writer… I love Yerba Buena- how they fuse so many genres with Latin music. James Brown- I saw him live-puts on such incredibly electric performances, so funky. I could go on and on and on….


-what makes an amazing song?

A song that makes you feel deeply…


-what’s your theme song?

I wish it was Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” lol! But at the moment I’m more Gnarls Barkley “Crazy!” lol! I don’t know. It changes. You tell me! 


-do you have musical nickname?

Not a musical one, but my nickname is Bella.


-what song were you most likely conceived to?

My parents were into jazz… hmm… but then again I was conceived in the Caribbean… so…


-first concert you ever went to?

New Kids on the Block… but I’ve redeemed myself by going to incredible shows ever since I promise!!! 🙂


-first album u ever bought?

I would just borrow from my parents they had a great collection.. the first single I bought was TLC’s “Ain’t too Proud to Beg!”


-how can we revolutionize music? 

By creating music that is true to who we are. By exposing ourselves to music that is not just mainstream.


-indie or major (what’s the way to go?)

After interning at 2 major labels in college, I really don’t think that most labels do very much. They have the connections that CAN catapult an artist to stardom but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will. An artist can get their album shelved even if they are signed…or if the album is released they might not get the funding/attention/marketing to get it to the masses… I’d love to be free of all that… autonomous like Prince. He’s revolutionary as a music business man as well… But if I was offered an amazing deal I would be open to the possibilities…


-what inspires you musically?

Reading something inspiring, exposing myself to new things, having adventures, my community of amazing musicians, artists with something unique to express, love, passion, dancing, altered states (occasionally), spirit, growth…


-what can an artist do (that you’re backing) to make your job easy and fun?

Well I’ve done backing vocals… and usually back ground singers are the least respected in the band it seems. So just showing respect. As a singer- don’t be afraid to let your back ground singers shine and be who they are – there’s enough room for everyone. I’ve been lucky with the performers I’ve worked with. 


-what’s your favorite song from the album?

“Moments” or “Te Necesito” are probably my favorites. They are poetic and intimate and sensual. I love what “Variety Pack” is about- it’s a sexy female empowerment song! “Discombobulator” is so out and funky…. and I love the vibe of “Overflow.” But for some reason my bond is strongest with “Moments” and “Te Necesito.”


-advice for up and coming players?

Be fearless! Be humble! Give love in all you do!


-what do you hope for the show?

I wanted to elevate the room with LOVE and inspiration! And we succeeded! It was a beautiful first show!!! 

Album Release Show at Dakota Lounge

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