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laughternoons, is there such a thing as true originality?, and you being you….

i have this theory that whenever we have an idea it goes out into the cosmos and others either through our divine connection, collective unconscious, or just random occurrence can tap into these ideas…. for example, i had the idea of having ballet dancers en pointe perform to my non-classical music in a beautiful artistic way… i had never seen a pop artist have ballet dancers incorporated in their live show/video/tv performances….and then somewhat later, i notice kanye bringing this idea to the masses…. my “original” idea! damn! lol! also, yesterday i was inspired to have a fun afternoon with my PNC laughing…i thought how wonderful an afternoon of laughing would be and what if we called this celebratory gathering a laughternoon!!!! i was so super excited thinking that i “invented” the word laughternoon!!!!! this word is amazing!!!! i have to put in urban dictionary! only to find out, to my dismay, i’m late, laughternoon already exists within the urban dictionary… it’s kind of beautiful though, how were all connected… but it also makes me feel that perhaps there is no true originality, perhaps even on an unconscious or subconscious level we are influenced… i mean before we had the internet and crazy forms of technology, there were people on opposite sides of the planet coming up with the same ideas (carl jung talks about this with the collective unconscious)…..

is there such a thing as true originality? for example, take fashion, someone might start rocking a style first (though they may have been inspired by that style from another era) and then a few people copy it and some may even call the copiers “original” simply because the “new” style hasn’t become main stream and reached the masses yet…… so because it’s not at your local target or walmart yet-(trust it will be sooner than later, those fuckers always find a way to monetize the trends) then is it still considered original, because it’s not mainstream?? some people think taking other ideas but combining them together in a new and unique way to make them your own? a lot of folks are doing that in music (a little michael jackson with a dash of lauryn hill)… but doesn’t the work of art need to be authentic to be considered original? how is authenticity and originality related???  does true originality exist or are we just regurgitating our influences?? who was mozart influenced by? and where does influence end and originality begin????? maybe bjork is truly original (i don’t know if she sounds like anyone)…

on the spiritual tip, my very wise boyfriend just said he heard that if you channel something divine from your soul it can be original, yet if you are creating from your mind (regurgitated thoughts) then it is not original. i love that!

i used to tell people that i wanted to be like a “Puerto Rican Erykah Badu” or  a “Boricua Jill Scott” …. now i’m understanding so so so clearly that as an artist, writer, and performer how important it is to just be me……. andree belle, the original! 🙂 that’s when i’m connected, in the zone of elevation! it’s authentic and delicious originality.

LOVE, besos, and dreams coming true for u!


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a lil puerto rican girl from the south

a lil puerto rican girl from the south

sometimes i don’t know when 2 shut my mouth

yeah but i said what u were thinkin

yeah and i’d say it even if i wasn’t drinking

arroz con pollo and biscuits n gravy

sweet talking fiesty silly cutie sexy baby

yes or no but never feelin maybe

yes i’m insane, but it’s the good kind of crazy!

platanos and mac and cheese

open minded ready to get down to please

met this sexy brazilian to my heart he has the keys

did some ayahuasca now clearly i can see

there’s the truth vibrating in u and me

i believe in authenticity deeply

i know that u can reach the stars

talents from ur soul that’ll take u far

we all have means to channel the divine

fearlessness in the way we shine

i know it’s my destiny from my heart to sing songs

inspire the masses my whole life long

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