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i feel as though i’ve deeply neglected u dear blog… and i apologize… i was knocked the —- out… i had to do 2 shows (one on my death bed) and i transcended… i set the intention and became  a vessel of love! the performance was an act of fearlessness i must say!! yay! through  prayer (one Christian prayer given by my dear friend oshana that brought me to tears and one jewish blessing given by husband jered in beautiful hebrew)/through affirmations/through herbs/through whole food’s wellness formula, through sea salt baths/through thyme tea/etc/etc…i now embody divine health!!! which lead me to last night’s performance @ harvelle’s which was very off the cuff with some super gifted musicans…and it was so freeing to sing with musicians that are so sensitive, communicative, innovative, and solid… sooooooo much fun! i felt elated and so at home. i’m growing and it feels goooooood!!!! 🙂 i loved the exploration, the improvisation… i love that feeling of freedom in music! que rico!

on another note, the current book i’m reading, the 7 habits of highly effective people, brought up something for me… which has inspired me to take on a new challenge for the month of december that will hopefully turn into a habit…i aim to take full responsibility for my reactions to the challenges that arise in my life… the book brings up that we cannot control what happens in our lives but we can control how we react to what happens to us…(and in this ability to choose how we respond- lies our responsibility or response-ability)…. i’m becoming increasingly conscious of my response-ability… here’s a great quote to remind us of how we determine our happiness by how we react to what challenges arise in our lives….”the fountain of content must spring up in the mind, and he who hath so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition, will waste his life in fruitless efforts and multiply the grief he proposes to remove.” samuel johnson… mmmmm yes. more soon….

photo by megan finley, makeup/hair  by tawney bevacqua, styled by michele chantel, retouching josh kohlmeier

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thank you in advance

dear universe,

thank you in advance for my continued growth as a singer, songwriter, performer, dancer, poet, and revolutionary. thank you for the immense musical success coming my way that will allow me to be a greater catalyst for positive change in our world, a voice of inspiration for others to live their dreams. thank you for allowing me to travel to everywhere my heart desires and have incredible amazing experiences. thank you for my beautiful relationships with my family/friends/creative community that are supportive, encouraging, uplifting, honest, passionate, adventurous, loving, and growth filled. thank you for the divine health, overflowing abundance, and creativity in my life. thank you for endless inspiration and infinite possibilities.

with immense love and gratitude,


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revolutionize with RAPHAOLOGY!

almost 2 years ago, i heard of a woman that could help those with cancer “heal.” i sought out this medicine woman in an attempt to help my abuela who had Leukemia. and though my abuela was unfortunately fearful of homeopathic/indigenous medicine and chose to do chemotherapy; my life was changed forever by meeting this amazing healer, Dr. Wolf.  it saddens me that my abuela was so corrupted by this machine (the business that is western medicine) that she didn’t get to experience her body’s incredible ability to heal itself. but this blog isn’t a sound off on western medicine or the pharmaceutical companies (which i feel are evil- creating profit when others are sick so they keep the masses sick)… it’s not about how there are more deaths now than ever before by the unfortunate mixing of prescription drugs (though doesn’t one need that drug for the side effects that this drug causes and so on)… i’m here to share about the wonderful, positive, healing, natural, lovely world of RAPHAOLOGY! i feel incredibly blessed to have learned about Raphaology from Dr. Wolf who has lived with indigenous people all around the world discovering how they have used herbs and natural remedies to heal anything- and i mean ANYTHING for 1000s of years!  

Raphaology is an ancient healing art revitalized for the 21st century. Raphaology uses herbs, high enzyme foods, light and color therapy, and uses an advanced interactive system for determining the unique nutritional needs for the individual. i implemented Raphaology into my life not because i’m sick but because i’m preventative. being healthy truly is a lifestyle. i use different herbs on different months depending on what my body is working on. i’ve changed the way i eat totally- nothing processed… check out the site for more info (http://raphaology.info)… like what foods (peak frequency foods) that will really help you live your best life! there are even recipes 🙂 que rico!…. and natural therapies for common ailments (like for headaches and migraines take b-complex, chamomile, red wine vinegar, peppermint)…. and there are the 7 deadly poisons you eat daily (fiber-less foods, refined sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, refined salts (switch to Real Salt-it’s good for you!), poor quality fats (switch to good fats-avocado for example), white flour, and chemical food additives)- inform yourself on why they’re deadly… and check out “the golden team.” there’s so much information – a plethora of information!!!! living healthfully is part of living consciously… part of ones spiritual/emotional/mental/physical well being… just want to share some priceless information that can change your life! sending you divine health, love, and peace.


and if you’re not ready to revolutionize your health – at least stay away from the genetically modified foods for God sake! (trust me there’s nothing organic at Mc D’s -even though they pay millions of $s to make you think that there is…)

my girl Natalie giving the finger to the corporation in Peru…(http://cuddlefuddle.blogspot.com/)

F-Mc Donalds!

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