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the 4 f’s: freedom, fun, focus, and fuck it!

“every now and then say ‘what the fuck,’ what the fuck gives you freedom, freedom brings opportunity, opportunity makes your future…” -risky business….

what the fuck is a more aggressive form of detachment, at least in my mind… as we all know, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy… self-sabotaging fools…. and yes it is brilliant to be enthusiastic but sometimes it’s our detachment from something we desire that brings it to us… almost magically… it’s as if the space created allows the desire to breathe and grow and flourish…. isn’t if funny how we get the audition we’re not so hung up on… or the guy… or whatever it is we overly covet… when we’re not sweating it so hard!?!

i was talking to my girls sharmila and aneesah about this today… about how with our dreams yes we have to focus to achieve but we also need to keep things fun… (or u almost forget why you’re doing it… because u LOVE it!… nothing brings u more joy!)… and we also have to keep an element of freedom in our creating  the lives our dreams (this freedom makes us limitless…and open to infinite possibilities/directions/ideas/inspiration)… but now i’m thinking of adding a little bit of detachment to my situation… a little bit of “fuck it”…

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today I noticed that the word UNITY is in the word community which brought me to  deeper contemplation of community… community is truly us coming together as one…and though human beings are very individualistic we cannot deny how interdependent we are…. and we have to honor the power of commUNITY! i’ve been experiencing the benefits of commUNITY more and more as my awareness has grown in commUNITY… a few weeks ago I shared my first Shabbat dinner with some friends and saw how beautifully tight the Jewish community is- and how coming together for tradition and spirituality really strengthens them as a people. also, without my artistic community, I would not have been able to have such an incredible album- the brilliant musicians that played on M.U.S.I.C. play for world famous artists and shared their talents because they are part of my community! what a blessing to have a community! the super genius creative web designer for M.U.S.I.C., Josh Kohlmeier- part of the community… the phenomenal photo shoot by Piper Ferguson (who has done shoots for superstars) took the time to do a shoot with little ol’ me- cause she’s part of the community… the psychedelic goddess album art was created by Jon Marro all because he’s part of the community… I didn’t always have a community…I knew that I wanted to connect with like minded artists- artists about uplifting and inspiring others through their medium… artists that were positive, supportive, creative, loving… and thus I put that intention out into the universe. Oooh UNIverse (another word that speaks that we are one (one=uni))… I created a manifestation group with my girls (more on that later) to have a positive female force where we share our dreams/hopes/challenges/ideas and help each other in so many ways… commUNITY is a beautiful thing! if you don’t feel you have a community find one or better yet create one!  as amazing as we are as individuals- together as a collective we are POWERFUL! ONE LOVE!

one of my favorite quotes “BY ELEVATING THE LIVES OF OTHERS YOUR LIFE REACHEST ITS HIGHEST DIMENSIONS.”  elevate yourself and others through commUNITY! thank you for being a part of my commUNITY!


boys UNIted in prayer…

boys praying

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empowerment through our sexuality

yes our sexuality is POWERFUL!!!! …powerful in our connection with others- as a performer on stage as well as in our daily (and nightly) interactions with others…  i think it’s amazing when women and men are authentic in their sexuality and how they express it…but there’s a thin line between what’s for show (don’t try so hard/don’t give it all away!) and what is genuine/natural/effortless (you just being you).  and it’s sad to me when a woman feels that it is her ONLY option in gaining love, admiration, affection, and empowerment is through her sex. in fact sometimes our sexuality can distract from our other talents and true intellect. i’m making it one of my missions (one of many) to help women (especially young girls) to appreciate/honor/cherish/embrace their femininity and sexuality but not use it as a primary source of empowerment… 

“i’ve been empowered by my sexuality and found it fleeting and false… i want to be known for my word…my intellect…my thoughts…and ideas—dancing in my mind, like fireflies, pure electricity… because that is eternal…” – from my journal on June 9, 2006…

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revolutionizing the idea of beauty

i used to have a boyfriend who told me i was the most beautiful woman in the world everyday… it was amazing i have to say… there’s something so reassuring, comforting, and uplifting about being told how beautiful you are-by your love, by your friends and family, by a total stranger in the market (thank you to the man who said “I love good food, see what it produces” at the whole foods in studio city)…..it’s validating, yet i feel we depend too much on the validation of others especially when it come to appearance. i want women to feel empowered by their spirits, their minds, their essence, their ideas, the love they exude… because that is timeless and true… and i want to attempt to understand beauty in a deeper way… why are we so obsessed with beauty? i admit i am fascinated with all things beautiful- songs, paintings, dance, sex, love, nature, fashion, women, men, even food can be beautiful to me, beautiful shoes, lingerie, things that are unique i find especially beautiful… recently, i even went around taking pictures of the less than beautiful neighborhood i am currently residing in attempt to find something beautiful in an environment i was struggling to exist in-there is poverty, rats, cockroaches, trash in the streets….. so I sought to capture life, the unique flavor of the neighborhood… i discovered this bush of beautiful fuchsia flowers and it makes me happy every time i look at it… honestly, i feel at home in beauty. and not in just a superficial way- in fact a physically beautiful man or woman who is arrogant or unauthentic immediately becomes extremely unattractive in my eyes. beauty is an energy, an art… there are lower income areas like boyle heights that find means to express beauty though plants/flowers/murals and there are places in beverly hills (that i’ve lived in as well- yes i’ve honestly lived in almost every hood in LA) that I consider too cold to be beautiful – plastic/sterile/neat/organized yet dead… beauty is about true self expression, authentically living in the vast energies of the world…

we all know beauty is a billion dollar industry-make-up/anti-aging creams/plastic surgery/fashion etc. how much of this industry is used to truly uplift us in our vision of ourselves vs. making us feel inferior? and how important is beauty truly? what defines beauty? they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder yet why do certain cultures/countries/eras adopt certain ideals of beauty? i can imagine people in the future laughing at how people used to put giant plastic bags in their chest to make their breasts appear larger… people use their beauty, manipulate their beauty, are oblivious of their beauty (i have a friend who is honestly the most naturally beautiful woman i’ve ever known who doesn’t recognize how gorgeous she is), complain of their beauty (jessica biel- are we supposed to feel sorry for you because you’re too pretty to get certain roles? if halle berry proved she can play a crack addict then maybe it’s not your beauty preventing you from getting the role?? anyway, i digress)…..i’d like to think that people are catching on to the idea of beauty being more than just in the physical realm- the dove campaign for real women, the recent episode on desperate housewives where gabrielle (eva longoria) tells her daughter she wants her to be more than just a shell… though marketing and hollywood can be powerful in our ideas of beauty it’s really up to us to REVOLUTIONIZE THE IDEA OF BEAUTY… to think and speak and appreciate beauty in a more meaningful way… to relish in beautiful moments, to show gratitude to the beautiful souls who inspire us, who share and spread love everyday, to REALLY find the beauty in everyone, to focus on beautiful energy, the essence that connects us all, to live authentically, to make our lives our work of art, and maybe plant some flowers in an neighborhood that needs them… 


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