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Marvin Gaye’s Contribution to the Sexual REVOLUTION

Marvin Gaye is one of my great musical inspirations. His music connects to the root of me, whether he’s crooning about the state of humanity in “What’s Going On” or sparking a sexual revolution with “Let’s Get it On.”

“Although there was a ‘conscious’ revolution, there was also a great sexual revolution … I think Let’s Get It On was Marvin wanting to make commentary on what was happening. I think there was a big ‘love-in’ that was going on. And with him quoting T.S. Elliot [in his liner notes, that life amounts to “Birth, copulation and death”], and the young lady moaning [on the album], we hadn’t heard that before. That was another first, as well as him capturing erotica like that, and weaving it into the music the way he did; it was mind blowing. I think it was a natural progression, because we were having a revolution with our minds, and then with our bodies at that time.” -Q-Tip

Rarely are the erotic AND the divine aspects of our sexuality explored through music. Marvin Gaye was the pioneer of this exploration. He soulfully, consciously, and effortlessly connected our bodies and souls almost without us even knowing it.

“If the most profound soul songs are prayers in secular dress, Marvin’s prayer is to reconcile the ecstasy of his early religious epiphany with a sexual epiphany. The hope for such a reconciliation, the search for sexual healing, is what drives his art … The paradox is this: The sexiest of Marvin Gaye’s work is also his most spiritual. That’s the paradox of Marvin himself. In his struggle to wed body and soul, in his exploration of sexual passion, he expresses the most human of hungers—the hunger for God. In those songs of loss and lament—the sense of separation is heartbreaking. On one level, the separation is between man and woman. On a deeper level, the separation is between man and God.”
—David Ritz
With my next project, The Soft Glow of Electric Sex, I’m hoping to spark a modern day sexual revolution. Our society tends to oppress our sexuality or travel to the other end of the spectrum and become obsessed with it in an unhealthy way. Mainstream media depicts unauthentic sexual connection. Our sexuality is multifaceted. I want to challenge our perception of sex through this project the way Marvin Gaye did with Let’s Get It On.
If you feel a calling to be a part of this musical revolution click on the link and support my kickstarter page! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/758845777/andree-belles-new-project-the-soft-glow-of-electri
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energetic rebirth, effortless manifestation, and the SOFT GLOW of ELECTRIC SEX!

this week has been RIDIC (as in ridiculous)!  i fell ill physically in a deep way but found that it was needed… as my divine healer filled me with herbs, teas, magic elixirs, peak frequency food, and LOVE… i rid myself of toxins in the physical, emotional, and spiritual! it was powerful. sometimes we hit these walls in our growth and then need something intense to get us through to the other side. i let go of so much energetic negativity and feel so much lighter, more liberated, and even more in my skin!

the illness started with stress. stress that predominately stemmed from financial stress- the gig that was supposed to pay my rent fell through because of some sheisty music business peeps (a whole nother blog!)… but after making myself ill from concern with paying my rent i had gigs and money come to me EFFORTLESSLY – a random text message asking me to sing at a party that paid and another to sing the national anthem at a fight that paid really well! (1/2 the rent right there)… lesson: it all happens perfectly. i am always taken care of. i am meant to sing….. so i encourage you not to stress! trust!!!!! i know it’s hard but do it! cause the universe has your back! 🙂

these signs give me even more motivation to do it BIG! to live my purpose in a grand way! to inspire the masses through music! i’m so excited about the next EP which is going to be called THE SOFT GLOW OF ELECTRIC SEX!!!! yeah! more on this later- the writing process, the collaborations, and the inspiration!!! it’s going to be sublime! i’m settling into my voice in such a different way now. i have more confidence, more ideas, more vocal power, more divine creative intuition, more fearlessness to put into this music. i’m ready for the e x p a n s i o n ! i’m feeling connected and inspired! i have a genius musical family. i have such great love support from our community! i am grateful.

i wish u presence in every millisecond, beautiful effortless manifestations, love, expansion, and the soft glow of ELECTRIC sex!

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currents of love, brazilian pineapple, sex, and hula hooping

just finished my 5+ hour manifestation meeting!!!! LAAFS!!!! incredible night! we got deep with our missions! i feel like changing the world Oprah style! today was POWERFUL! the manifestation blog from yesterday i originally sent out as an email to friends and had so many super positive responses… the message hit a core with people… inspired them to do things they would normally not do… think of things in new ways… reconnect with their spiritual essence. what’s even more amazing is that several people moved by the message passed it on to their loved ones who in turn responded with enthusiasm, inspiration, and love!!!! and it hit me that by me making the choice to put this positivity out into the world i was a catalyst of love… and by those who were inspired choosing to pass on the knowledge and inspiration they are catalysts and so on and so on and we all can be a part of this current of love… receiving and giving and receiving and giving! it’s fucking beautiful!!!!! made my day!……then as i was eating some brazilian pineapple that the rock band (that’s recording in Dre’s studio) left over here, i was missing my brazilian man… and he called me and we had a conversation that rocked my world… he was dropping spiritual knowledge/understanding/compassion on me gandhi style, opening up in ways that shocked me… a layer was peeled.. and it showed me the infinite possibilities and perspectives in love relationships… and i wonder what brought this energetic shift and powerful realization, what was making him hold me in this higher reverence? i guess sometimes people have to be away from you to truly appreciate you and understand you in profound ways…i mean how many people truly understand us?  or was he feeling my experiences and thoughts and feelings here and somehow tapped into that energetically? fascinating! i couldn’t get off the phone with him (though i was running late in cooking dinner and my beans did suffer- they have to sit for at least an hour for ultimate sabor)…i’m excited to keep growing and learning in love! i feel like i’m meant to teach others of love though i may not get to everyone in this lifetime. and speaking of love… though we did speak of our INCREDIBLE accomplishments of our group and our focus for 2010…we got on the subject of sex…. as should be expected with these sexy goddesses!  i love how candid some of the group is… i mean nothing is off-limits and i adore it… the questions came up – if a man is more endowed is he typically less talented or motivated with going down on a woman? (cause he feels he doesn’t have to work to please a woman)… and does size really matter?… also, isn’t a man who is uncircumcised more sensitive in feeling? … the answers were great! i wish we had video taped this conversation… real sex would’ve blushed… what a bizarre magnificent day… full of currents of love, break throughs, good food, deep conversation… i love life! we all have had those moments in life where we feel like hell but we truly create our lives… i’m living proof of that… i’ve developed consciously the beauty that is my life. now i must rest. i have a hula hooping video audition tomorrow! so random! i love life! wishing you the ultimate creation of beauty in your life!!!!

(untouched) photo by megan finley, styled by michele chantel, makeup/hair by tawney bevacqua, art by julia rauda

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M.U.S.I.C. album release show! Today’s feature: MATT ROBERTS

For the album release show, I’m featuring each band member during this upcoming show week! It has been so much fun interviewing the M.U.S.I.C. makers and getting deep into their musical heads and hearts! They are all ridiculously talented, intelligent, true artists and I’m honored to make M.U.S.I.C. with them! 

Today’s feature: MATT ROBERTS -guitar

The music world is a small world and I realized this even more so when the guy I always loved listening to between classes at USC, who played possibly the most beautiful music to ever come out of a guitar- Matt Roberts- also, grew up with Dre playing music and is good friend of his… I love how we’re all connected! 🙂 Matt is a musical philosopher… he’s flawless in his playing… and though he can be virtuosic he still executes with such feeling. Matt loves to play jazz, rock, funk, soul, etc. and he gives each genre what it needs instinctively and effortlessly… Matt has his own group (The Matt Roberts Group) that is mostly jazz inspired and is currently playing for Solange Knowles. Other artists he has recorded and/or performed with the last few years include Lady Gaga, Pat Metheny, Terrence Howard, New West Guitar Quartet, Left Coast Funk Orchestra, etc. Matt played on “Variety Pack” on M.U.S.I.C. I’m looking forward to FINALLY performing with this musician that I’ve admired so much over the years 🙂 

-what’s your 1st musical memory?

Dancing and singing to “Thriller” and “Born in the USA.”


-what’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened while you are on stage?

While playing with Solange in DC, some crazy guy got on stage and tried to dance with the back ground dancers…


-what’s your ultimate dream in music?

To have my own musical project, to be able to live off of my own music, and still be co-writing and producing for other artists… continuing to grow as an artist…and to sing way better than I do now…


-if you weren’t doing music what would you be doing?

Be a councelor/therapist/psychologist or a writer of philosophical books…


-songs that changed your life…

“Bohemian Rhapsody” I was 10 yrs old and for Christmas my dad bought me a boom box and and MC Hammer cassette and classic Queen…. “It’s kind of magic” was the 1st song and I thought how weird… then I heard “Bohemian Rhapsody” and remembered it from Wayne’s World….and loved it!


-most influential artists to you and why?

Freddy Mercury was a huge early inspiration. He inspired me to take chances and to be epic. Right now some of my inspirations, Stevie Wonder for obvious reasons…Joe Satriniani when I first started playing guitar, Pat Matheney in my later teen years, and now days I love simple soulful guitar players- like John Mayer- his melodicism.. he cares about every note he plays…now I’m not as focused on what I can do but more focused on what I can give to the moment.


-what makes an amazing song?

A song is amazing if it’s true, honest, bold, and well crafted.


-what’s your theme song?

I would like it to be “overjoyed” but  this week my theme song is “Rock with you.”

-do you have musical nickname

Names are funny things because our parents assign us titles before we are developed beings… with songs and movies we give the title after the creation… with human beings we get names before we have developed… I don’t know if the name I was given portrays who I am. I’m on a quest for a name that represents more who I am now…. Matt Roberts sounds like a computer programmer…


-what song were you most likely conceived to?

Well once again there’s the song I’d like to be conceived to… and then there’s the song I was mostly likely conceived to… being that my mom was the music person, mostly likely an Al Green song or an Allman Brothers song…


-first concert you ever went to?

Joe Satriani


-first album u ever bought

Pearl Jam’s Ten


-how can we revolutionize music? 

There’s revolutionizing music and there’s revolutionizing the business of music. With the art form itself just the concept of writing a good song… not just creating something that is “marketable” or just something that will “sell.” There’s a balance between doing things the way you think they should be done and being open to listening to others ideas/perceptions. (I think it’s good to) always take others perceptions into consideration regardless if you take heed to their advice… It would be interesting if music stopped for a year… no one in the world would hear/play/create any music for a whole year- and then we write… and see what comes out… if we could step away from what we’re doing and go to the beach and meditate and listen to the ocean and fall in love and then write music again…. Also, revolutionizing radio, having radio that is more connected to the people – where people could give suggestions of indie bands that they love and the radio station could filter what is hip and new and play those songs…


-indie or major (what’s the way to go?)

a good deal is a good deal a bad deal is a bad deal…


-what inspires you musically?

Love, nature, sex, food, different surroundings…


-what can an artist do (that you’re backing) to make your job easy and fun?

Listening to the bands ideas, to be willing to take criticism, sometimes major artists can feel that they are above the band… the artist needs to trust their band… and if you make it “big” don’t take extra luxuries (better hotel room, better bus)… live on the same level as the band. Creates respect… obviously the band isn’t getting paid the same as the artist and if they see luxury is going on around them it’s not a good thing. Be humble. Be strong, lead them but be humble.


-what’s your favorite song from the album?

“come a little closer”


-advice for up and coming guitarists”

Study as many genres as possible, as you discover your strengths harness them…


-what do you hope for the show?

I hope that everyone comes out and that we will begin the revolution of music in the world!  

Check out M.U.S.I.C. at http://www.andreebelle.com or http://www.myspace.com/andreebelle!!!!

http://www.myspace.com/mattrobertsguitarist and http://www.myspace.com/mattrobertsgroup

Matt rocking out on the Tonight Show! 

Matt Roberts

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empowerment through our sexuality

yes our sexuality is POWERFUL!!!! …powerful in our connection with others- as a performer on stage as well as in our daily (and nightly) interactions with others…  i think it’s amazing when women and men are authentic in their sexuality and how they express it…but there’s a thin line between what’s for show (don’t try so hard/don’t give it all away!) and what is genuine/natural/effortless (you just being you).  and it’s sad to me when a woman feels that it is her ONLY option in gaining love, admiration, affection, and empowerment is through her sex. in fact sometimes our sexuality can distract from our other talents and true intellect. i’m making it one of my missions (one of many) to help women (especially young girls) to appreciate/honor/cherish/embrace their femininity and sexuality but not use it as a primary source of empowerment… 

“i’ve been empowered by my sexuality and found it fleeting and false… i want to be known for my word…my intellect…my thoughts…and ideas—dancing in my mind, like fireflies, pure electricity… because that is eternal…” – from my journal on June 9, 2006…

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“moments” is a song from M.U.S.I.C. that grew from a poem i wrote awhile ago when my love and i were first starting our relationship… it came out so organically… and one night when dre was playing his upright bass, i started singing the poem…


i lost myself inside your sex / subconscious desires that i suppressed / obsessed until i became possessed / thoughts in my head your soul undressed / in a craze for days / lost in this love maze / finally understood the deep purple haze / can’t count the ways your body gives me praise…

tonight i wanna get lost in u / find myself in the way u move / our love making will be your muse / i can feel your pain / and it’s the sweetest blues…

when the sun comes up / it’s my heart you’ve accrued, renewed, on it is your name tattooed/ they say with no attachment we can never lose / but it’s too late now / eternity together infused / with u  there’s nothing i can’t say or do / in the world of life vs. death / it’s a life in love i choose…

tonight i wanna get lost in u / find myself in the way u move / our love making will be your muse / i can feel your pain / and it’s the sweetest blues…


i love sharing lyrics- to me lyrics are just as important as the music in the creation of a song… and when we can take in the lyrics before hearing the music, it takes on new meaning when we eventually do hear the words combined with the melody, instrumentation, and arrangement… there’s also a little operatic part i sing in the background. Diana Booker lends her amazing vocals on the track for the bridge- she gives it some reggae flavor! the mixture of all of these elements makes “moments” very different, can’t wait for you to hear it!!!! it’s become one of my favorites on the album… “moments” of love are coming your way soooooooon (the mixing process has officially begun)!!!!! 

moments of love

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revolutionizing the idea of beauty

i used to have a boyfriend who told me i was the most beautiful woman in the world everyday… it was amazing i have to say… there’s something so reassuring, comforting, and uplifting about being told how beautiful you are-by your love, by your friends and family, by a total stranger in the market (thank you to the man who said “I love good food, see what it produces” at the whole foods in studio city)…..it’s validating, yet i feel we depend too much on the validation of others especially when it come to appearance. i want women to feel empowered by their spirits, their minds, their essence, their ideas, the love they exude… because that is timeless and true… and i want to attempt to understand beauty in a deeper way… why are we so obsessed with beauty? i admit i am fascinated with all things beautiful- songs, paintings, dance, sex, love, nature, fashion, women, men, even food can be beautiful to me, beautiful shoes, lingerie, things that are unique i find especially beautiful… recently, i even went around taking pictures of the less than beautiful neighborhood i am currently residing in attempt to find something beautiful in an environment i was struggling to exist in-there is poverty, rats, cockroaches, trash in the streets….. so I sought to capture life, the unique flavor of the neighborhood… i discovered this bush of beautiful fuchsia flowers and it makes me happy every time i look at it… honestly, i feel at home in beauty. and not in just a superficial way- in fact a physically beautiful man or woman who is arrogant or unauthentic immediately becomes extremely unattractive in my eyes. beauty is an energy, an art… there are lower income areas like boyle heights that find means to express beauty though plants/flowers/murals and there are places in beverly hills (that i’ve lived in as well- yes i’ve honestly lived in almost every hood in LA) that I consider too cold to be beautiful – plastic/sterile/neat/organized yet dead… beauty is about true self expression, authentically living in the vast energies of the world…

we all know beauty is a billion dollar industry-make-up/anti-aging creams/plastic surgery/fashion etc. how much of this industry is used to truly uplift us in our vision of ourselves vs. making us feel inferior? and how important is beauty truly? what defines beauty? they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder yet why do certain cultures/countries/eras adopt certain ideals of beauty? i can imagine people in the future laughing at how people used to put giant plastic bags in their chest to make their breasts appear larger… people use their beauty, manipulate their beauty, are oblivious of their beauty (i have a friend who is honestly the most naturally beautiful woman i’ve ever known who doesn’t recognize how gorgeous she is), complain of their beauty (jessica biel- are we supposed to feel sorry for you because you’re too pretty to get certain roles? if halle berry proved she can play a crack addict then maybe it’s not your beauty preventing you from getting the role?? anyway, i digress)…..i’d like to think that people are catching on to the idea of beauty being more than just in the physical realm- the dove campaign for real women, the recent episode on desperate housewives where gabrielle (eva longoria) tells her daughter she wants her to be more than just a shell… though marketing and hollywood can be powerful in our ideas of beauty it’s really up to us to REVOLUTIONIZE THE IDEA OF BEAUTY… to think and speak and appreciate beauty in a more meaningful way… to relish in beautiful moments, to show gratitude to the beautiful souls who inspire us, who share and spread love everyday, to REALLY find the beauty in everyone, to focus on beautiful energy, the essence that connects us all, to live authentically, to make our lives our work of art, and maybe plant some flowers in an neighborhood that needs them… 


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