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sexxxual revolution, porn as fast food and deprogramming

the sexual revolution of the 60s is no longer. free love failed. what could’ve been powerful turned into something meaningless… instead of our sexuality connecting us, healing us, allowing us to find divinity within each other… rather than giving us a sexual freedom, it seems we’ve become imprisoned by our sexuality, lured by false sexuality, and for that matter false body parts… an increasing number of young women are finding value primarily in their sexuality… why did the sexxxual revolution fail? why did the majority of American women and men go from LIBERATION to imprisonment? i don’t know…

is it possible that we couldn’t have a beautiful, free sexual revolution because we began mixing commerce with our sexuality in a negative way, easily accessible with the click of a button on the internet, through the medium of porn???  it does seem that most pornography, instead of being an artistic expression (which i think it can be), instead promotes unauthentic sexuality, plastic body parts, and a negative misogynistic perspective of human sexuality. i think it’s possible for pornography to explore the raw, dark, and the forbidden in a healthy way but for some reason that is typically not the case…. porn has become like fast food… instead of something nourishing  us, something that takes time- it’s become like a quick fix… also, it’s kind of  sad to note that, 99% of porn actors have been molested, raped, or sexually abused. it’s exploitation at it’s grandest- a billion dollar industry- perpetuating an illness…. porn has become an expression of sexual exploitation rather than an artistic expression of sexuality. and i believe sex is an art. (but i guess the same thing is happening with music- boxed in, plastic, unauthentic, commerce based expression rather than artistic expression… i digress..) if u have time, check out a documentary called “INSIDE DEEP THROAT” which explores the above mentioned and a possible future where sexuality in film had a bold artistic potential yet instead was ruined by censorship and then by commerce.

what’s also interesting is that instead of lovers sharing porn with their mate to connect it tends to be a way of disconnecting from their mate… some to the point of addiction to where the mate takes interest more with the “fictional characters” than their mate. if the sexual revolution brought about an openness to pornography then why is it still closeted to the point of (for some) an unhealthy obsession? interesting… again another example of imprisonment versus LIBERATION.

the sexual revolution was positive in that it deprogrammed some very out dated, boxed in ways of perceiving our sexuality. sex could be discussed, written about, on display…  but then soon after this reign of free love, it seems we were reprogrammed with a new perspective of sex that corporations instilled in us. because money is a strong motivator and unfortunately FEAR is more prevalent in our world today as a means to utilize to create wealth…

or perhaps because we as a people we oppressed so long sexually that it was almost like a rebellion, that we had to go to the extreme of darkness in our connection with our sexuality… or perhaps we as a collective have always been fucked (pardon the pun) in our regard to sexuality and now it just has a means to run rampant through the massive reach of the internet?

i don’t know. but i hope we can deprogram ourselves. connect to the root of our sexuality in an AUTHENTIC way. i hope that women can find their beauty and won’t feel the need to put fake plastic bags in their chest or ass and collagen in their lips and extensions in their hair all in a means to emmulate a porn star. and can connect with their truest most liberated more enjoyable sexual selves. yes we can be animalistic and raw with it but let’s CONNECT in a GENUINE way.

i just had to sound off on this… i’m doing my research for my next project THE SOFT GLOW OF ELECTRIC SEX which gets deep with human sexuality. i think i’m going to write a song called sexxxploitation exploring this phenomenon.

wishing u love as always and authentic connection!

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empowerment through our sexuality

yes our sexuality is POWERFUL!!!! …powerful in our connection with others- as a performer on stage as well as in our daily (and nightly) interactions with others…  i think it’s amazing when women and men are authentic in their sexuality and how they express it…but there’s a thin line between what’s for show (don’t try so hard/don’t give it all away!) and what is genuine/natural/effortless (you just being you).  and it’s sad to me when a woman feels that it is her ONLY option in gaining love, admiration, affection, and empowerment is through her sex. in fact sometimes our sexuality can distract from our other talents and true intellect. i’m making it one of my missions (one of many) to help women (especially young girls) to appreciate/honor/cherish/embrace their femininity and sexuality but not use it as a primary source of empowerment… 

“i’ve been empowered by my sexuality and found it fleeting and false… i want to be known for my word…my intellect…my thoughts…and ideas—dancing in my mind, like fireflies, pure electricity… because that is eternal…” – from my journal on June 9, 2006…

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