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2 universes

2 universes collide and they become one

taught each other to sing in their native tounges

love transcension beyond galaxies and outer space

the rings of his planet held her in place

he said i love every molecule of you

even your imperfections cause baby that’s your truth

she said with you i feel infinite

now i’m seeing in colors that before didn’t exist

now everything is more beautiful

cause this entanglement is multidimensional

their love challenged the world’s perception,

innovated love’s metaphysical expression,

he spoke to her in melodies and rhythm

and she’d blanket herself warm and deep within them


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the 4 f’s: freedom, fun, focus, and fuck it!

“every now and then say ‘what the fuck,’ what the fuck gives you freedom, freedom brings opportunity, opportunity makes your future…” -risky business….

what the fuck is a more aggressive form of detachment, at least in my mind… as we all know, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy… self-sabotaging fools…. and yes it is brilliant to be enthusiastic but sometimes it’s our detachment from something we desire that brings it to us… almost magically… it’s as if the space created allows the desire to breathe and grow and flourish…. isn’t if funny how we get the audition we’re not so hung up on… or the guy… or whatever it is we overly covet… when we’re not sweating it so hard!?!

i was talking to my girls sharmila and aneesah about this today… about how with our dreams yes we have to focus to achieve but we also need to keep things fun… (or u almost forget why you’re doing it… because u LOVE it!… nothing brings u more joy!)… and we also have to keep an element of freedom in our creating  the lives our dreams (this freedom makes us limitless…and open to infinite possibilities/directions/ideas/inspiration)… but now i’m thinking of adding a little bit of detachment to my situation… a little bit of “fuck it”…

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