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thank you in advance

dear universe,

thank you in advance for my continued growth as a singer, songwriter, performer, dancer, poet, and revolutionary. thank you for the immense musical success coming my way that will allow me to be a greater catalyst for positive change in our world, a voice of inspiration for others to live their dreams. thank you for allowing me to travel to everywhere my heart desires and have incredible amazing experiences. thank you for my beautiful relationships with my family/friends/creative community that are supportive, encouraging, uplifting, honest, passionate, adventurous, loving, and growth filled. thank you for the divine health, overflowing abundance, and creativity in my life. thank you for endless inspiration and infinite possibilities.

with immense love and gratitude,


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today I noticed that the word UNITY is in the word community which brought me to  deeper contemplation of community… community is truly us coming together as one…and though human beings are very individualistic we cannot deny how interdependent we are…. and we have to honor the power of commUNITY! i’ve been experiencing the benefits of commUNITY more and more as my awareness has grown in commUNITY… a few weeks ago I shared my first Shabbat dinner with some friends and saw how beautifully tight the Jewish community is- and how coming together for tradition and spirituality really strengthens them as a people. also, without my artistic community, I would not have been able to have such an incredible album- the brilliant musicians that played on M.U.S.I.C. play for world famous artists and shared their talents because they are part of my community! what a blessing to have a community! the super genius creative web designer for M.U.S.I.C., Josh Kohlmeier- part of the community… the phenomenal photo shoot by Piper Ferguson (who has done shoots for superstars) took the time to do a shoot with little ol’ me- cause she’s part of the community… the psychedelic goddess album art was created by Jon Marro all because he’s part of the community… I didn’t always have a community…I knew that I wanted to connect with like minded artists- artists about uplifting and inspiring others through their medium… artists that were positive, supportive, creative, loving… and thus I put that intention out into the universe. Oooh UNIverse (another word that speaks that we are one (one=uni))… I created a manifestation group with my girls (more on that later) to have a positive female force where we share our dreams/hopes/challenges/ideas and help each other in so many ways… commUNITY is a beautiful thing! if you don’t feel you have a community find one or better yet create one!  as amazing as we are as individuals- together as a collective we are POWERFUL! ONE LOVE!

one of my favorite quotes “BY ELEVATING THE LIVES OF OTHERS YOUR LIFE REACHEST ITS HIGHEST DIMENSIONS.”  elevate yourself and others through commUNITY! thank you for being a part of my commUNITY!


boys UNIted in prayer…

boys praying

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